Hookup: The new 'code' for paid sex

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The looks guys have when a babe charges them to hook up

The slang 'hookup' is a gateway to a coded industry of paying for sex.

The art of the hook up is a subtle way of paying for sex without the direct approach of prostitution and 'runs'.

Prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. One step ahead are runs girls, who are urban, on-demand and tech savvy call girls.

Lately, a new layer has been added to the 'money for hand. back for ground' ministry. It is simply known as the hookup. The term itself has been around for a while, and it does have a sexual meaning- two people meeting up to have sex.


The term is now being used by women who don't necessarily fall into the classic runs girl category.

Akin (not real name) met a working class babe in Lagos. He approached her and asked for her number. Later on, the two would communicate frequently on WhatsApp.

Their conversations would later become sexual. Akin thought the babe was feeling him and told her to come over to his crib. "Oh you want me to come over?" she asked. Akin replied yes. "Well, that would cost you 30k.

Akin paused and looked at his screen again. This babe had never presented herself as a runs girl. She had a legit job and was living with her uncle and his wife. Why was she charging him for a day of 'Netflix and Chill'?


When he asked her why she was billing him, she said: "did you expect it to be free?

There are many guys who have been in Akin's situation lately. They meet babes who are working class babes but who hustle on the side. Because they are working-class women, they are not easily profiled as runs girl.

They don't hang around in clubs and lounges frequently. They don't live with a group of other runs girls. They don't attend all the celebrity and industry events. Looking at them you would not know that they are in the business of selling sex.

The money for sex game is changing. These 'hook up' babes don't want to be tagged as prostitutes or runs girl. They see themselves as average Lagos babes who want men to spend money on her. She doesn't mind offering sex for credit alerts.

Some of these 'hook up' babes have not only monetized casual hook-ups, they have turned sexting into a business. James (not real name) was chatting with a cutie on WhatsApp. At some point, he decided to shoot his shot and ask her for nudes. She told him to pay N10,000 flat.


These hook-up babes are not playing. They have professional lives. They are ambitious and go-getters. They are not shy about adding sex to boost their bank accounts.

The art of the hook up is no longer 100% casual. Ambitious babes who understand the currency of sex is using it to be financially stable.

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