Mad Desperation: This lady's craze for iPhone 8 will lead her into hell

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This lady is in a great shocked

It is now true that some ladies can do anything to get whatever they want, including cheating on their men as this Louisa has shown us.

When you thought you have heard it all, you get hit with something stranger and you know that the end is really here.

There is lady identified as Louisa whose desperation to get the new and sophisticated iPhone 8 has led her into begging a man to sleep with as many times as he wants as long she gets her the gadget.

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We came across the conversation in a Whatsapp thread between Louisa and the guy who is not her boyfriend discussing and she told me in plain terms that she would do anything for him to get her the phone, even if it includes sleeping with him several times.

Louisa started the conversation by reminding the guy that he owes her a phone and when the guy expressed his surprise and asked her how he owed her the iPhone 8, she went on to explain that she meant what she said when she informed him she was ready to do anything to get it.

Then the mischievous guy seemed to agree but said she must include one of her friends in the deal for a threesome that would last for two weeks but Louisa would have none of that.

She said since she was the one who would use the phone, he should not include her in the deal as she was ready to go the full hog with him.

Begging desperately, Lousia told the guy that she would be available to him anytime and for as long as he wanted but ended the conversation by giving herself out as a cheat when she said:

"You know my guy is just in the area... as long as you keep it a secret between us, I will be there anytime you want to f***k me."

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Hey guys, check it up! If your girlfriend is named Louisa and she does not have an iPhone 8, be on the lookout when she comes home one day with one. This is our friendly advice.

See the conversation thread here:


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