Morning Teaser: 'Help: My husband cannot satisfy me in bed'

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This sad woman needs advice

Yemisi and Peter have been married for only two years but she is already fed up with the marriage as he cannot satisfy her in bed.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Yemisi, a 28-year-old married woman. I have been married for just two years but I am already frustrated and I don't think I can continue to endure a sexless marriage.

I got married to Peter after dating for just three months and during those months, we did not have sex because our church frowns at sex before marriage. I now wish I had defied the doctrine and experimented with sex.

I met Peter when he was transferred to Lagos and he started worshipping in our church where I was in the choir and a worship leader.

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Before we started dating, I had been into some relationships where there was sex and so I can say I know the place of sex in a relationship and marriage.

But when Peter asked me out and said from the onset that he wanted to marry me, I did not have any doubts about him. He has this hunky appearance and one look at him, anyone would think he would be a stud in bed.

My friends were full of envy with many of them saying he would kill me in bed when we finally got married. My family too were on my neck to get married and when he proposed to me, I was very happy.

Here was a very handsome man with a good job and every indication that he will be a good husband and father.

But the trouble started on our wedding night when he pleaded tiredness due to the stress that came with the wedding preparations.

But three days after, there was still no sex. I did everything possible to seduce him; I went around our apartment naked, wore skinny lingerie but unlike most men who would not take their hands off a woman, Peter was not moved.

In the nights, I would try out every trick in the book to get him aroused but to no avail. I had gotten it up to the neck after one week and asked him when we would start having sex and he told me there was no hurry we would have so much sex in due time.

The day we finally made love was the most frustrating day of my life as my husband who just managed to get an erection, could not last more than a minute.

In fact, he ejaculated before he came in. I almost cried because he had hardly penetrated me when he grunted and went flaccid.

He apologized and said it was due to the excitement of making love to me for the first time and that it would be better with time.

But instead of improvement, the problem has persisted. Then he confessed that he has always had the problem for years and that he has tried medical treatments of all sorts to no avail. I have tried to bear with the situation but I cannot cope any longer.

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At times, I think of getting a man outside to satisfy me in bed while still married to him but I know that will be adultery.

But then, what is a marriage without sex? How can I continue staying married or faithful to a man who cannot satisfy me in bed or even get me pregnant?


Dear readers, Yemisi and Peter's marriage is on the verge of a collapse due to his incompetence in bed and she needs our help. So on Morning Teaser today, we want you to weigh in on this and help her with advice.

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