Morning Teaser: 'Help: My wife calls her ex-boyfriend's name during sex'

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Osaze is very much in love with his wife, Rita and has been doing everything possible for them to have a good home but she has not forgotten her sex.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Osaze, a 36-year-old married man. I got married to Rita two years ago after dating for more than a year but in the past few months, a lot of things have been happening that is making me feel threatened in my marriage.

When I met Rita, she told me she had just broken up with a man she loved so much after he dumped her for a sugar mummy. The guy, Bayo, according to her, was the first man to have sex with her and she found it difficult to forget about him despite what he had done to her.

I did a great deal of job to get Rita to forget the man who had disappointed her and when she knew I was very serious with her, she fell in love with me. But I must confess that there were times she would go into mood swings and tell me she still missed Bayo.

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I confided in a marriage counselor who said the best I could do was to hasten and get married to Rita o she would forget about Bayo. So we had to get married earlier than we had planned.

I was of the belief that marriage would get her mind off the guy but once a while, she would tell me things about him, what he used to do, the kind of sex they used to have, how good he was in bed.

In fact, she stopped short of comparing me to the guy. When I could no longer take it again, I told her it was enough and there would be no mention of that name in our home as long as we remain married.

But I was surprised three weeks ago while making love to my wife and in the heat of the passion, she screamed Bayo's name, saying he was the love of her life, the only man for her, and so on.

I had frozen with the first scream and mention of the name but I was sure Rita did not know as she kept singing Bayo's name. I got off her and sat by the side of the bed and looked at her as she came down from her cloud nine.

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I demanded an explanation and all she could do was to cry and beg for forgiveness, saying she has not been able to forget the guy no matter what he did.

I asked her if they had taken a blood vow but she said there was nothing like that. I decided to forget the incident but it has happened again on two other occasions and that has kept me thinking if she is not seeing the Bayo guy secretly.

I am really confused and don't know if I am sharing my wife with her ex-boyfriend.


Dear readers, Osaze is in a quagmire and his marriage is at stake at this moment and surely needs advice. So on Morning Teaser today, we would like you to tell him what to do.

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