Morning Teaser: 'I have been turned into a sex slave in my uncle's house'

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Who will help this crying lady?

When Edna lost her parents, she thought her uncle would be her new father when she went to live with him but she has now seen that he is a devil in disguise.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Edna, an 18-year-old girl living with my paternal uncle and his family. I have been living with the family since I was 12 after I lost my parents in a drowning accident in our village.

Shortly after the burial of my parents, my uncle who is my father's younger brother decided to adopt me and take me to live with his family in Lagos.

He promised our family that he will put me through school and take care of me just like my own parents would. I was happy because apart from having someone to fill the vacuum created by my parents, I would be leaving the village where I had lived all my life.

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But the whole story changed when I got to my uncle's house and it dawned on me that there was no plan for me to go to school as I became practically their maid.

I would wake up as early as 4 am to clean the house, cook for the family, bathe the younger children and prepare them for school. As early as 7 am, without any breakfast, I would go round hawking things for my uncle's wife.

I would be starved the whole day till I get back in the evening and continue with the chores. I Always cried myself to sleep and wondered how I was going to develop with the way I was being treated.

I was living this debased life till I turned 14 when my own uncle raped me when the wife and children traveled to her hometown for holidays. He took away my virginity in the most callous manner and warned me never to tell anyone or he would kill me.

I was so afraid of him that I kept quiet, not knowing I had given him the ammunition to continue with the sexual harassment because he continued raping me whenever he had the opportunity.

I could not tell anyone and most night, would go to sleep expecting him to come and molest me and he often did. Six months after he first raped me, I became pregnant and he arranged with a friend of his and aborted the baby.

The sexual assaults continued and my uncle even added a new dimension to it as he would bring his friends to also defile me. At times, I would put up a feeble fight but he would beat me to submission.

The day I tried to tell his wife what her husband and friends were doing to me, she beat me up mercilessly, saying I wanted to tarnish her husband's image and bite the finger that fed me.

I remember when we traveled home for a celebration and I told one of my uncles that I was not going back to Lagos but they forced me to go back with my uncle, saying no one will be willing to take care of me at home.

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Since the rape started, I have become pregnant on more than five occasions and infected with sexually transmitted diseases several times.

At times, I contemplate killing myself so as to be free from this kind of life I am living; I often blame my parents for leaving me all alone in this world to suffer the way I am.

I need help fast before I do something bad to myself.


Dear readers, this is a very pathetic story of how a human being can be so wicked to his own blood. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think Edna should do?

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