Morning Teaser: 'My female boss wants me to go into a lesbian affair with her'

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Lesbianism is becoming rampant

Emeh is in a serious dilemma as her married female boss has given her an ultimatum to be her lesbian lover or lose her job.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Emeh, a 26-year-old lady working with a Public Relations firm in Lagos. The company is owned by a society woman who is married with four children.

I got this job after five years of a fruitless search for a job and I had vowed to do everything it takes to keep it because of what I went through when even my family thought I was amounting to nothing after spending so much for me to get a university education.

But I did not bargain for what am getting now because my seemingly respectable married boss and deaconess in her church, shocked me by telling me she wanted us to have a lesbian relationship.

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When she made the proposition two weeks ago, I could not believe my ears and wondered if she was just teasing me but when she insisted that she was in love with me and wanted me to be her lover, I knew that would be the beginning of a problem.

I should have taken notice of the fact that when I started the job, my boss took special attention to me and always complimented my dressing even though my clothes were nothing outstanding as I could not afford better clothes.

After just one month, she called me into her office and told me she was impressed with my job and that she was increasing my salary by about 50%. I was so grateful and thanked her profusely.

Once in a while, she would invite me for lunch or bought me gifts whenever she traveled. I was becoming the envy of the other staff who felt I was being given preferential treatment by the boss though I was relatively new.

But everything became clear the day she told me she wanted me to be her lover. She confessed she was bisexual and was madly in love with me. She complimented my boobs, saying she could not wait to suck them.

While she was talking, she was making attempts to touch my breasts but I kept fending her off. She promised to increase my salary to five times what I was getting, take me on foreign trips, introduce me to important women in the society and even make me a partner in her business.

I am seriously confused at the moment. I know what I stand to gain if I agree to be her lesbian partner but that is something I have never done or dreamt of doing in my life.

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As much as the offer is tempting, I also do not want to debase myself by going into a lesbian affair with a woman.

She has given me one month to make up my mind or lose my job and all the good things she has promised me.

Please, I need advise fast.


Dear readers, Emeh is between the devil and a hard place and she has till the end of this month to make a decision. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?

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