Morning Teaser: 'My husband is responsible for my daughter's pregnancy'

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This worried woman needs your advice (Illustration)

Juliet is in a dilemma following her discovery that her husband is responsible for her daughter's pregnancy and the family wants her to keep quiet.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Juliet, a 33-year-old married woman with three children. Before I got married to David, I already had a daughter whom I got when I was 15-years-old.

I got pregnant when I was in secondary school and being so young, there was no way I could get married to her father. After I weaned my baby, I went back to school and got a degree.

Before I got married to David, I told him about my daughter and he promised to adopt her and treat her as his own child but today, he has gotten her pregnant and his family wants me to keep quiet over it because of their name and their royal status.

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I got married to David when my daughter was 10 and now at 18-years-old, the hands of the clock is replaying itself, albeit in a very unfortunate circumstances as the person who got her pregnant is the same man who promised to take care of her as his own, a man she has come to know as her daddy.

I wonder why some men could be so wicked and callous to the extent of sleeping with their stepdaughters and this has made me lose confidence in men.

I got to know that my daughter was pregnant when I noticed how lazy she had become, getting sick and throwing up almost every morning.

At first, I suspected she had a fever and gave her some drugs but when she did not improve, I decided to take her to see our family doctor.

Before then, I had asked her if she had missed her period but she told me she was still menstruating. I knew she had a boyfriend and I had often warned her not to do anything stupid and even if they wanted to have sex, she should insist on using a condom.

When I took her to the doctor and a test was run, the doctor told me she was okay but insisted on doing a pregnancy test.

When the test came out, the result indicated that my daughter was three months pregnant. I almost fainted when the doctor gave me the result and kept my calm so as not to do anything stupid.

When we got home, I asked her who was responsible for the pregnancy but at first, she kept quiet and refused to say anything. I cajoled, begged, cried and even threatened her but she refused to say anything.

I had to wait for David to come back and when I told him, the calm manner he took the news was very annoying but I still maintained my cool.

I had to take my daughter to our Pastor's wife who took her into her bedroom and after spending some minutes, came out to tell me the worst news any mother could ever get.

Our Pastor's wife told me that my daughter had confessed that it was my husband who got her pregnant and had warned her not to tell anyone or else she would die.

When I got home and confronted him, he also confessed to being responsible but warned me never to tell anyone or else he would send me packing.

But I would not have that and went to his family house to tell his parents but I was shocked when they told me to keep quiet about the whole mess because of their family name.

I am at a loss on what to do: for one, I don't know how to tackle this before the pregnancy became pronounced.

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How do I face my family, friends and church members when they get to know that it was my own husband who got my daughter pregnant?

Do I report him to the police, human rights advocates or get an abortion for her? I don't want to lose my marriage but then, my daughter's life and future are involved here.


Dear readers, this is another delicate matter and on Morning Teaser today, we want you to advise Juliet on what to do before the issue gets out of hand.

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