Morning Teaser: 'My wife is carrying my brother's pregnancy'

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This depressed man needs advice fast

Uzo is in a very serious dilemma after his own younger brother, Azu, snatched his wife and their family is in full support because he is rich.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Uzochukwu, a 36-year-old married man, or I should say, one-time married man, because I have lost my wife to my younger brother who is a rich businessman based in Malaysia.

I got married to Adaeze about five years ago without a child and we had always looked up to God for a fruit of the womb but though she is now pregnant, the pregnancy does not belong to me and our family want me to keep quiet about the shameful act of my brother, Azu, because he is rich and is the one taking care of the family.

Azu had always been the black sheep in the family but all his sins were forgotten after he managed to travel out of the country to Asia and got involved in drug dealing and Internet fraud.

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Suddenly, Azu became the reference point with everyone putting him as the benchmark. Even though everyone knew his money was not legal, no one cared as long as he was sending the money down.

After he came back home two years ago and built a mansion for our parents and sank some boreholes and constructed roads in our community, Azu was given a chieftaincy title and celebrated like a king.

When he came home early this year, he bought so many gifts for my wife and gave her a lot of money to set up a business. Suddenly, Adaeze began singing his praises, often making special meals for him anytime he visited.

She would cook and take to his hotel and would stay behind till late at night when he would bring her back home. I did not suspect anything untoward as I thought my own brother was just being nice to my wife.

Little did I know that he had seduced her and they were sleeping together regularly till he left and a month later, she announced that she was pregnant.

I was over the moon with the news and began preparations for the birth of our first child but my joy was shortlived when I was summoned to the village by our family elders.

When I got home, they told me that Azu had called to tell them that the pregnancy Adaeze was carrying belonged to him and that he would pay me any amount to let go of my wife for him.

I was shocked at the manner the elders told me and their insistence that I forget about my wife as Azu was ready to get married to her.

I was dumbfounded and could not say anything but when I got back to Lagos, I asked Adaeze if what they told me was the truth and she confirmed that Azu was responsible for her pregnancy.

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Now, he has made plans to get her to travel to Malaysia to be with him. As we speak, she has left my house and has been staying with her sister while waiting for her papers to be ready for her to leave.

My brother even had the guts to call me to threaten me when I told him I would fight him to the last drop of my blood. He said he was willing to pay me but that he has changed his mind and I should do my worst.

I have vowed to make sure Azu, Adaeze and my family suffer for the pains they have caused me, even if it will take my life.


Dear readers, we have heard stories of betrayal but this is the top of it all. On Morning Teaser today, we want you to tell Uzo what to do.

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