Morning Teaser: 'My younger sister had an abortion for my husband'

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Who will help this crying lady?

Ireti seven-year-old marriage is on the verge of collapsing after her husband got her younger sister pregnant.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Ireti, a 30-year-old married woman with two lovely daughters. I have been married to Kay for seven years now but our marriage is all but over after I found out that he had been sleeping with my younger sister for over a year now.

Bimpe who is the last child of my parents had always been the black sheep of the family and gave my parents so much trouble.

She has also been very wayward, sneaking out of the house to parties and sleeping with different men in our community. When her troubles were getting too much, I had to take her to live with me thinking I would be able to tame her.

Little did I know that bringing her into my own home would be the cause of my agony. How could I have known that my husband would stoop so low to sleep with my own sister? I now believe that most men think with their manhood and not their brains.

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Or how else would a man succumb to the temptation of sleeping with his sister's wife and even getting her pregnant in the process?

I got to know what happened when I came back from work one evening and met Bimpe bleeding seriously. I was shocked and asked her what was wrong with her but she could not give me any reasonable answer.

I was so worried and called our family doctor who said I should bring her to the hospital. I got a taxi and took her to the hospital but by the time we got there, she had passed out and had to be taken to the theater immediately for an urgent operation.

I called my husband to come to the hospital but he gave me some flimsy excuses as to why he could not make it.

I did not want to make it an issue of on the phone, so I let it go. I called two of my siblings who live in Lagos and they all rushed to the hospital.

After almost two hours, the doctor came out of the theater and said Bimpe had come out of the coma and would be okay but that her fallopian tube had been destroyed due to a badly done abortion.

I was shocked and wondered how she could have gotten pregnant despite my strict rules at home and not letting her have the kind of freedom she had at home.

I was still in this worried mode when we went in to see her in the ward and when she saw us, Bimpe started crying and asking me to forgive her. My brother told her to shut up and tell us who got her pregnant and why she had an abortion without telling me.

That was when I got the shock of my life as Bimpe confessed that it was my husband that got her pregnant and took her to a quack doctor for the abortion. She also added that he had been sleeping with her since she came to live with us.

I almost passed out when I heard what my sister said and it was by sheer providence that Kay had not come to the hospital because my brother could have killed him.

I had to beg him not to come with me to the house because I know the temper he has. When I got home and confronted Kay, all he could say was that Bimpe seduced him and begged for forgiveness.

Despite myself, I was very calm as I picked some of my things, took my children and moved to my sister's place where I have been for weeks now trying to sort myself out.

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Kay has been sending people to beg me and my family but I don't think I can ever go back to a man who could do such a thing to me. I have told him to go ahead and marry my sister and I have filed a divorce suit against him.

Some people are saying I should forgive him for the sake of the children but I don't think I can ever come to terms with living with him again.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, what do you think Ireti should do? Should she forgive her husband and go back to him?

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