Nudity: Why do people go naked on their birthdays?

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More Nigerians and Africans now post their nude photos on their birthdays, what's the reason behind this.

Ever considered releasing naked pictures of yourself on your birthday? Why not?

Nude birthday photos are something that some Africans are beginning to embrace. The most recent example is the South African teenager Nthabiseng Matlou who shared a topless picture of herself on her Facebook profile.

"Since is my birthday today...I've decided to show off some of my skin. Because I was born naked" she wrote on her Facebook status. Her post became viral which has been shared over 14,000 shares. Matlou wasn't available for comments.


In 2016, an urban model Feyisara who describes herself as a "Sexy Diva Love to dance" on her Instagram went viral for sharing a pant less photo of herself on Instagram.


Nigeria, as well as most of the African continent, is prudish on the issue of nudity but in recent years people are doing away with this conservative toga to show off their bodies.

Ghanaian female celebs have no problem in posting nude or explicit photos. In Nigeria, Maheeda has given us more than an eyeful of her nude photos. In 2013, upcoming singer Adokiye wasn't shy about showing off her top assets.

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"It's my life. I chose it and I'm okay and ready for it. You make decisions and you stand by it" said Maheeda on her choice for going nude during a Pulse interview in April 2017.

Maheeda's attitude towards nudity reflects the changing but slow attitude Africans have concerning showing skin.


More Nigerians are speaking up about love, relationships and sex these days. The early success of Grey Room NG proves that a new generation is more or less comfortable in talking about sexually related topics.

This attitude also affects sexuality. With social media, African millennials are not afraid in showing their sexuality. On Monday, October 23, 2017, Nollywood actor Gbenro Ajibade shared a topless pic complete with his pierced nipples. This would have been unheard of many years ago.


So why are young Nigerians and Africans going naked on their birthdays? It's because they can. We are in an age of freedom of expression, liberty and sexuality.

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