Pulse List: 10 things Nigerian women don't know about Nigerian men

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Ladies, there are a few things you don't know about Nigerian men

There are a lot of things for women to figure out in men, here are ten of them

As a Nigerian man do you feel that Nigerian women don't understand you?

To be honest, it is a struggle sometimes to communicate to someone of the opposite sex. A lot of Nigerian women have preconceived notions about Nigerian men.

These notions have created stereotypes that Nigerian men are a certain way and they don't do certain things.


Today we are here to break all that. Below is a list of things Nigerian women should know about Nigerian men.

1) Men get feel stress

We get stressed too. It's not easy being a man. With a lot of expectations put on shoulders, we get stressed quickly from societal demands. We are not robots who don't get emotionally tired. Stress is real for a lot of Nigerian men. Sadly we do not show because of societal expectations.

2) Men don't like to be seen as ATMs

In a traditional society like ours, men are expected to be the provider. There is nothing wrong with this but men do not like it when women take advantage of them and always ask them for money. No man wants to feel like he is nothing but an ATM and gets nothing in return. Lots of Nigerian men have been here and it's not a nice place to be.

3) Immense societal pressure

Men face a lot of pressure from society to succeed at almost any costs. As a man, you are expected to be successful straight out of school. Women believe this too, that Nigerian men must have a car, house and a heavy bank account before 25.

4) Men are not porn stars

We are not porn stars and we want women to know this. Not all of us last 30 minutes in bed,  and as a matter of fact, not all of us are great in bed. There are a lot of unrealistic expectations placed on men to be sex gods in bed which is just plain unfair.

5) Weekends are for football and relaxing

Please ladies understand this. Weekends for men are not for weddings or long talks. These precious two days are for football and for us to rest. We don't want to visit anyone or have deep emotional talks. All we want to do is watch the EPL and La Liga.

6) Men feel rejection

Ladies take it easy. You can reject our advances and still be nice. There is no need to be rude about telling us you are not interested. Contrary to what you believe, we feel bad about rejection.

7) We don't all want sex

No, seriously, not all men want sex. You don't have to think that every man who talks to you or says hi wants to be up in your skirt.

8) Silence is just silence

Silence might mean distance to women but for men, silence is just silence. It doesn't mean we are mad at you or pulling away from the relationship. All it means is that we don't feel like talking at that time.

9) Men want compliments too

We might not say it but men want compliments too. We usually give the compliments but it won't be bad if you give us compliments too.

10) Men cry too

Contrary to popular myth, men cry too. So next time do not think a man is weak when you see him crying. We just don't cry in public because we have been told that showing emotions is a weak sign.

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