Pulse List: 3 animals considered good luck in Nigeria

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Here are animals that are good omen in Nigerian culture.

In Nigeria, animals are seen as more than just creatures.

They represent something and most times it is spiritual.

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, Pulse Metro highlighted five animals that are regarded as evil in African culture.

These animals are; black cats, owls, vultures, bats and of course snakes. Within the same week, there was the bizarre story of Iba Oku village in Uyo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State which was thrown into confusion when a vulture  reportedly delivered a letter to the traditional ruler asking him to vacate his throne within a specific time limit.

According to The Nation the strange incident sent shock waves into the spines of the people, occurred when the vulture dropped the letter at the palace of the monarch, Eteidung Gabriel Mbeka, asking him to quit his throne or face damning consequences.

Now, enough about bad creatures. Let's focus on the animals that represent good luck. Here are three of them below;

1) Dove


A dove is seen as a bird of peace. This has mostly to do with Christian culture where the dove is regarded as a good and Godly sign. Still, a dove is seen as a good omen and a bird not to run away from.

2) Tortoise


In Nigeria, a tortoise is regarded as a wise creature. In storytelling, the tortoise is depicted as a knowledgeable animal. A tortoise is a good omen when you see one.

3) Rabbit


In many cultures rabbits are good luck charms. In certain parts of the world having a rabbit’s foot helps to do away with evil spirits.

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