Pulse List: 5 ways a woman can stop public harassment in markets

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Protect yourselves against molesters

These are five ways women can stop molesters from assaulting them in public.

Many women are not strangers to public harassment in Lagos markets.

Everyone knows that if you are a woman, the chances of you harassed by traders in Yaba or Balogun market is high. It is even a certainty.

While there have been little steps to stop men from dragging, grabbing and molesting women in markets, we are still a long way from making women feel safe in public places.


The law and government might be slow but ladies you can do something about it. Instead of walking in fear in these notorious markets, you can ensure that these animals who call themselves men, never lay their hands on you again.

There are ways to go to the market and not be harassed. Here are five tips below;

1) Go with a man

Most of these molesters are cowards. If you go to the market with male company, they dare not touch you. They see a woman on her own as prey but when she steps into the market with a man, they are most likely going to back off and not try any silly nonsense.

2) Guard yourself


This might be drastic but sexual molestation is something serious. If you find yourself going to any of these notorious markets alone, make sure you have some sort of protection. The best options are to have a pepper spray can or taser in your handbag. If any man at the market can't keep his hands off you, put some pepper spray on his face. He will regret ever touching you. Trust me, the pain would be too much for him to handle. If you can't get a pepper spray, get a taser. If he dares touch, use the taser on him. A number of volts that would go through his body will rewire that part of his brain that makes him molest women. A pepper spray is as cheap as N3,000 and you get a good taser for N11,000.

3) Learn self-defence


A little bit of self-defence won't be bad. Going to the market is like going to the forest with wolves everywhere. It's best to learn a bit of boxing or martial arts for a time like this. If anyone tries to grab or pull you, a swift kick or punch would be enough to stop the molester.

4) Walk fast

Hey, you can only grab or pull what you can hold on to. In the market avoid going on a leisurely stroll. Pick up the pace and go straight to where you want to buy something. Don't walk slowly before the hyenas gather round and start molesting you.

5) Embarrass him

If any man tries to touch you or grab you at any market just embarrass him by screaming "rape!", or "thief".  This would shame him and you will get the satisfaction of seeing a molester run with his leg in between his tails. Men who grab women in these markets can't stand public embarrassment.

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