Pulse List: 7 things you must do before partying with friends

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Before hanging out with friends, these are things you must do

You have to do these things before heading out with your friends for a party.

It's Friday and after a hard week's work, you just want to turn up with your friends at a nightclub, bar and lounge.

Having fun is cool but a bunch of things can wrong and an innocent night out with the squad can quickly turn out to a night you wish never happened. A good example of this is Davido's latest club drama.

You can have fun with the crew or tribe at night but here are 10 things you should do before heading out;


  1. Have a designated friend - Drunk driving has never been cool and it will never be cool. Before you go out and party with your tribe, choose at least one person who will be the designated driver. Ideally, this person should stay off alcohol or at best know when to stop so that his senses are not impaired. If you guys are taking more than one car, have at least two designated drivers. Turning up is nice but losing your life in a car because the driver was drunk is not alcohol.

  2. Don't force alcohol - Peer pressure is stupid. Do not force any of your friends to take alcohol when he or she is not in the mood. There are some days that your alcohol-loving friend wants to stay off the liquor. That force him or her. Let them be. It could be for health reasons and you do not want to cause anything tragic at the end of the day.

  3. Drink responsibly - Yeah, we all love to party but drinking till you get totally wasted is not necessary. What's the point of partying and doing some crazy things that you would later regret? Drink responsibly.

  4. Make sure everyone gets home safe - After partying, hit everyone who followed you and ask if they got home safely. It would be totally messed up to know that one of your friends didn't get home safely and is missing. No one wants to explain to the police about why a friend never got back home. 

  5. Identification - This is very, very important. When you go out at night, make sure you have your Identity Card on you. It is a must. You don't want to the police to think you are an armed robber and get locked up in jail for no reason.

  6. Let people know where you are - When you are out partying all night let someone know at home know where you are. If there is no one at home, let a close friend know that you are going to spend the night outside clubbing. This is because if anything happens, your friends and family would know your last whereabouts.

  7. Medical history - If you have any special medical condition, let your friends who you are partying with know. If you have taken any drugs let them know about it before hitting the clubs.

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