Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Benjamin should pack out of his new apartment

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A really worried man

Benjamin should leave his apartment because of his landlady's sexual advances.

Benjamin got married some few months ago and had to move into a new apartment with his new wife but since he moved in, he has been under a lot of pressure.

The wife of his new landlord has been making life uncomfortable for him as she has tried every trick in the book to get him to sleep with her.

Despite his resistance, the woman is not making things easy for him and has even moved a step further by adding blackmail to her game.

Read his story here:

My name is Benjamin, a 32-year-old man. I got married in March of 2017 and had to change from my one-room apartment to a two-bedroom flat to have more space.

Since we moved into the new apartment, I have had no peace because of the sexual harassment I have been subjected to by my landlord's young wife who is doing everything possible to get me to sleep with her. My landlord is about 68 and is married to three wives.

He lives with the youngest wife who is in her early 30s in the compound. This lady who has three young children has been making life difficult for me since we parked in.

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She began by being overtly nice and warm towards me, displaying so much interest in my affairs. She would go out of her way to throw compliments at me, especially when my wife was not around.

She took everything that has to do with me personally and would even have issues with other tenants who oppose me at the monthly compound meetings and would always back anything I say.

At first, I thought her interest in me was because we are in the same age bracket and took me as her equal. When I told her I loved Amala and Ewedu soup even though I am an Igbo man, she would bring me the food anytime she cooked.

My wife did not suspect anything but always wondered why the woman was so nice, unlike some other landladies who would make sure they are worshipped.

She took her interest to another level when she began sending me romantic text messages. I would just read and delete them without giving a thought to them.I was shocked the day she sent me a text that I should meet her at a discreet hotel. That day, her husband had traveled to their village. I replied that I would find such a meeting quite inappropriate as she was my landlady and refused to go to the hotel.

For two days, she was angry at me and would not greet me like she usually did till I sent her a text apologizing for my behaviour.

These days, she has stepped up her game by coming out to tell me she is in love with me and keeps thinking about me. She has promised to make sure her husband does not collect another rent from me if I agree to be her secret lover.

On the other hand, she has told me she would make life unbearable for me and my wife in the house if I refuse to sleep with her.

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She keeps bombarding me with text messages, calls and even sending me her nude photos. I am really choked up with her pressure. As much I do not want to offend her, I don't think it would be right to sleep with my landlady.

Please, I need advice because this woman is making me very uncomfortable in the house.Benjamin."

The teaser for the day was: What do you think Benjamin should do with the pressure from his landlady?

How Nigeria voted:

Benjamin should report the woman to her husband - 10%

Benjamin should tell his wife about the sexual harassment - 14%
Benjamin should tell the woman to stop disturbing him - 4%

Benjamin should pack out of the house immediately - 48%

Benjamin should give the woman what she wants and enjoy the perks - 25%

How would you vote here?

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