Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Edmund should tell Bash about Debbie's past

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This young man is seriously confused and needs advice (Illustration)

A whopping 90% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters say Edmund should tell Bash about Debbie's dirty lifestyle to save him future pains.

Edmund and Bash have been childhood friends but Edmund had always been like the big brother, standing up for Bash on many occasions.

He loves Bash like a brother and would not want any harm befall him but he is at a crossroads at the moment as Bash is hell-bent on getting married to Debbie who has a terrible past.

Edmund does not want his best buddy to get himself entangled in a marriage he will live in absolute regret.

Read his story here:

"My name is Edmund, a 32-year-old man working in Lagos. I am in a dilemma at the moment as I have been trying all I can to help my best friend, Bash, from going into a marriage he will live to regret.

Bash is hell-bent on getting married to this runs-girl and prostitute and he is the only one who does not see anything wrong with her because he is either blinded by love or she had given him some love potion.

Bash and I come a long way from our childhood days when his parents moved into our neighbourhood and we immediately clicked.

Bash had always been simple-minded, believing and trusting people easily and many times, he had been betrayed and hurt but being the street-smart guy, I was always there to protect him.

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I stood up to all the bullies in the area and took him as my kid brother even though we were age mates but I have always had a strong personality and that made me the leader.

After our secondary school, Bash got admission into the University of Port Harcourt while I got admitted in Unilag but we were still very close.

While in school, there was this girl who was the hottest on campus and was known as the queen of pimps and a high profile runs-girl.

Debbie was so popular and there was no party that she did not know about. She slept around with so many men and was always on one trip or the other with one politician or rich man.

She hardly went for lectures and slept with lecturers to pass her exams. She clubbed all week and was always drunk and stoned. In fact, three of my friends had slept with her because she was that loose.

There was a time she almost died after undergoing an abortion and I was one of those who rushed her to a hospital where she was treated and one of her friends hinted me in secret that her womb had been perforated and her chances of having babies were very slim.

So I was shocked when Bash introduced Debbie to me some months ago, telling me she was the one he wanted to get married to. I wouldn't know how and when they met but when he introduced her to me, she first pretended as if she did not know me.

Later when Bash had gone to get some drinks, I made sure she knew I was the same person she knew in school and she opened up that she remembered me but begged me not to reveal to Bash that I knew her.

I did not have the opportunity of giving her a reply because Bash had just come in then but since then, I have not been very comfortable around her and she knows I don't support their relationship.

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I have not told Bash about her but I am really worried for him. I can't let my homeboy marry such a loose prostitute whose chances of having a baby is very slim.

I know everyone has a past but the baby part is what is making me worry for my friend. He is seriously planning the wedding and has even said I will be his groomsman but I must stop him before he gets himself into a marriage of sorrow.


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Edmund should do in this situation?

How Nigeria voted:

Edmund should tell Bash and save him future pains - 90%

Edmund should not tell Bash about Debbie's past -10%

Edmund should just keep the whole thing a secret - 5%

Edmund would be held responsible if anything happens in Bash's marriage - 5%

How would your vote swing here?

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