Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers say Ifechi should depend on God to solve his problems

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71% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters believe that only God can free Ifechi from the bondage of a spirit wife his grandfather put him into.

Ifechi, a 42-year-old lawyer has been having it rough with life and all efforts to change things for the better has proved abortive so far.

The worst hit is the fact that he has not been able to get married as all the woman he wanted to get married to always dumped him at the last hour without any explanation.

But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel as a man of God has revealed that his grandfather joined him in a marriage to a spirit wife and he needs deliverance to free himself.

Read his story here:

"My name is Ifechi, a 42-year-old man living in Lagos. I am  a lawyer by profession but my life has not been what I planned for it to be.

All my life, I have been struggling to make ends meet but all efforts I put in has been fruitless especially in the area of relationships.

It will interest you to know that at my age, I am neither married nor have any relationship of note. All the women I have dated in the past and hoped to get married to have always disappointed me.

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In fact, there have been some who dumped me unceremoniously without giving any reasons for their actions. One actually pulled out a day to our wedding after everything had been fixed and my family and friends had come all the way to Lagos for the wedding.

Chika just called me on the eve of our wedding to tell me she was no longer interested in the wedding. She did not give any reason for her action, just that she was no longer going ahead with the wedding.

All efforts by our families to talk her into changing her mind proved abortive. I was hurt beyond words and almost ran mad in the process.

Another lady, Amaka, called off our wedding with just one week to go and her reason was that her Pastor told her that marrying me would make her suffer untold hardship and the best way was for her to call off the wedding.

It was a friend who took me to his Prophet to find out what the matter was with me and after a series of prayers and assignments, the man of God revealed that I had a spirit wife who has been responsible for my travails.

Without knowing me or seeing me in all his life, the Prophet reeled out all that I have been passing through. He was so accurate I even suspected that my friend could have told him what I was going through.

Even while thinking that, the Prophet told me not to even think what I was thinking because my friend had not told him anything.

He went on to explain that my late grandfather who was steeped in spiritualism, was the one who got me married to the spirit wife and that for the covenant to be broken, there was a series of cleansing I had to undergo.

I am currently undergoing the cleansing presently but every night, I have terrible nightmares where a woman would be telling me that no matter what I do, she would not let me go as I was married to her.

My grandfather too has appeared to me on several occasions, telling me that all efforts I am putting to free myself from the spirit wife would be in vain. In fact, the last time he appeared to me, he told me I have just seven days to live.

Though the Prophet has told me to be rest assured that God would surely free me from the grips of the evil ones, I am still afraid for my life.

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Another solution, according to a native doctor in my hometown says I should come home to carry out sacrifices to appease my late grandfather and one of such sacrifices include walking in the market square naked while carrying some sacrificial items as well as having sex with a mad woman.


The teaser for the day was:

What do you think Ifechi should do in this situation?

How Nigeria voted:

Ifechi should just believe in God to fight his battle - 71%

Ifechi should go to village and carry out the sacrifice - 5%

Ifechi should continue with the spiritual deliverance - 27%

Ifechi should see a powerful native doctor to break the evil bond - 3%

How would you vote on this issue?

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