Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers support Mercy's action against her husband

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70% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters are in support of Mercy's decision to punish Justus for betraying her after all she did for him.

Mercy thought she was being the good and supportive wife when she gave her husband, Justus, the sum of N5 million to set up his own business.

Before then, she had made sure everything she had belonged to him - the cars, the house, her business-  everything.

But he betrayed her in the most callous of ways. And she is ready to strike back where it would hurt him more than anything else.

Read her story here:

"My name is Mercy, a 36-year-old married woman with three children. I have been married to Justus for 10 years now but he has betrayed me in the most callous way and I am not sure I can take it any longer.

I am a businesswoman and by the grace of God, I can say that I have been blessed as my business has expanded beyond my expectation in that I am practically the breadwinner in the family.

I was the one who built our family house but let Justus take the glory as the head of the family so that people will not say I lord over him.

The three cars I bought are in his name and I make sure no one knows that all those things come from me. I pay the children's school fees, take care of their needs and everything around the house.

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Whenever his people come around, I will give him money to give them so as to paint him as an affluent man. There is nothing my husband wants that I do not make available or him.

Though he works as an accountant in a reputable company and makes good money, my husband does not seem to know how to manage his money as he is always broke and anytime I ask for the children's school fees, Justus will complain about not having money.

When I confided in some very close friends, they would say that he is either keeping other women outside or is so relaxed because he knows I will be there to take care of the home front.

They said I should deny him money sometimes but I do not such a heart because I always believe that what I have belongs to my husband but with the way he has betrayed me, I feel I should have taken action since.

After having a serious and long discussion with Justus, we agreed that it was the best thing for him to go into a business instead of working for other people. He saw this as a good suggestion and we spoke a lot about the kind of business he should and finally decided on oil and gas supplies to companies.

But he needed the capital to set up the business and I gave him the sum of N5 million as the initial takeoff capital, promising to inject some more into the business as it progresses.

We had planned that he should start with two mini-trucks and we registered the business, got an office and warehouse and since I did not want to be seen as interfering, I allowed him to handle the day-to-day affairs of the business.

You won't believe that after one year of Justus running the business and always complaining about how dull the business was moving, he demanded another N3 million to inject into the business.

I told him to bring the books so that I can go through it before giving him any more money. He tried to come up with excuses but for the first time, I stood my ground and he gradually brought a doctored account book but I secretly gave it to my auditor and to my shock, my husband had run the business aground and there was nothing to show for my N5 million investment.

He thought being an accountant, he could pad up the books and I would not know. When I confronted him with my findings, he could not say anything in his defense and I told him point blank that if he could not account for the money I gave him, I would never give him a dime.

That was when I decided to investigate and lo and behold, I got to realize that my husband had used my money to get married to another woman secretly and the woman is heavily pregnant for him.

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He even went as far as getting an apartment for her, opened a business for her and bought a car for her.

The day I confronted Justus with my findings and with factual evidence, he could not deny it and openly confessed and begged for my forgiveness.

Some men do not know that women who are often quiet and seem to take anything that comes their ways could hit back in the way they would never understand.

For starters, I moved fast to change all the documents that were in Justus's name to mine and my children. I blocked any access to my account that he had and even though we still together, by the time I finish with him, I will strip him of everything and he will know that I am the wrong woman to be messed with.


The teaser for the day was:

Do you support Mercy in her actions?

How Nigeria voted:

Yes, I support Mercy to deal with her ungrateful husband - 70%

 No, Mercy should forgive her husband and accept him back - 10%

Mercy should send the ungrateful Justus packing - 17%

Mercy should just accept her husband's second wife - 3%

What would your vote be on this issue?

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