Pulse Nigeria Poll: Readers tell Nathan to walk out of his abusive marriage

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65% of Pulse Nigeria Poll voters have all advised Nathan to do everything to walk out of his abusive marriage with Bukkie.

When Nathan got married to his boss and daughter of her wealthy parents, he thought he had made the best choice and that his life would turn for the better.

But little did he know that Bukkie just manipulated him into the marriage just to bear the tag of a married woman.

Now he has been turned into a slave by his wife and her family who have dared him to take a walk and see how they would deal with him.

Read his story here:

"My name is Nathan, a 28-year-old man. I have been married for two years now but that has been the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life because I am now a slave in the marriage.

My wife, Bukkie, is eight years older than I am and the only child of her very wealthy parents and that has given her and her family the impetus to treat me like a slave.

I met Bukkie when I got a job in her father's company about four years ago. She was then an Admin Manager though she is now the General Manager and a Director of the company.

I worked directly with her and from the start, some other staff told me to be careful the way I dealt with her as she not only a snub and arrogant, but had the habit of looking down and insulting her staff.

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Having been given the heads up on her, I decided to face my work and shun any attempt at being friendly with her. I gave her the respect due to her whenever I met her but I tried as much as I could to stay out of her way.

I remember the number of times she would sweep into the office, ignoring the greetings of the staff and move into her office only to call one of us and berate him or her over one offence or the other.

You can imagine my surprise one day when Bukkie called me into her office and told me that she would be traveling to Abuja for a business conference and wanted me to go with her as she had things she wanted me to help her do.

When I told my other colleagues, some of them pitied me, saying she would turn me into her Man-Friday and all round servant during the trip. But I had no choice but to go with her.

You could then imagine my shock when we got to Abuja and Bukkie booked a double room in a high-class hotel. As I helped her unpack her things, I asked her whether there was a room for me or I should arrange where to stay.

She told me I was going to stay with her in the room. I did not understand her and stood there looking at her in confusion when she told me that there was no conference and that she just wanted us to get away from Lagos and spend some time together.

She went on to tell me that she was in love with me and Lagos was just not convenient for us to be seen together just yet.

To cut the story short, we spent a whole week in Abuja where she treated me like a king, catered to my needs, bought me new clothes, and when we came back, she gave me a huge sum of money to get a better apartment where she could come and spend some time.

However, she warned me that no member of staff must get to know that we were dating or else I would not like her reaction.

We continued in this secret affair for about six months before Bukkie told me she was pregnant and that we had to get married. She took me to her parents and told them we were getting married, just like that.

We got married in a court after we had done all the necessary traditional rites and even my parents were surprised at the rush.

Before the marriage, Bukkie had told me to resign from the company, saying she would give me money to go into a business or at most, become a partner in her father's business but since we got married and I moved into their palatial home, I have been reduced to a slave, a houseboy and an object of mockery.

It turned out that Bukkie was not pregnant and just used the trick for us to get married as she was getting older and no man was coming for her.

I go to the market, wash her cars, clothes, prepare her food and worse of it all, she has stopped sleeping with me after she kicked me out of her bedroom.

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To crown it all, she has been sleeping around with different men and if I complain, all I get are insults and abuses. She has even dared me to divorce her and has promised to make my life a hell as long as I live and knowing she has the connections to achieve her threats, I am in a serious dilemma.

I am seriously fed up and don't know how to free myself from this bondage.


The teaser for the day was:

What advise do you have for Nathan today?

How Nigeria voted:

Nathan should make up his mind and walk out of the marriage - 65%

 Nathan should divorce Bukkie by all means - 25%

Nathan should go to a powerful man of God for deliverance - 3%

Nathan should talk to his wife to see if she can change - 10%

How would you vote on this issue?

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