Pulse Vox Pop: Would you reveal how much you earn on a monthly basis?

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Whether by his persona or just plain old experience and skill, renowned German journalist, Kai Diekmanngot Nigerians to tell him how much they earn monthly.

A few months ago, the renowned German journalist, Kai Diekmann visited the bustling city of Lagos for the first time. His trip was filled with first-person experiences of Lagos, the food, the color, and culture.

He also found time to share his wealth of knowledge with young journalists at Pulse Nigeria and the Lagos Business school.

This time, on his second visit, days ago, he chose instead to hear the voices of the people, or if you will, the Vox Pop. Kai joined the Pulse Video team for an episode of the aptly-named Vox Pop, a show that samples opinions on matters of daily life.

This time, he and the face of the show, Cee Classic went a step further to ask Nigerians how much they earn and need on a monthly basis.


Even though it is one of the main driving forces, Nigerians are typically reluctant to talk about their personal finances.

Kai himself seemed aware of this. Before kicking off, he said “I am particularly excited about this… It will not be easy but we will try”.

However, whether by the novelty of his persona or just plain old experience and skill, the renowned journalist was able to elicit some very interesting answers from his subjects.

Kai's love of the city and ear for a story reflected in his enthusiastic demeanour as he asked these somewhat-sensitive questions.


One point of note was that while a fair share of the young people asked are still in school or job-hunting, they seem to have a clear idea of how much they need on a monthly basis… and it’s a lot of money.

While the older subjects earn more (one subject says he earns a million naira a month), they are more practical about money.


Kai’s co-host, Cee Classic did not enjoy the reactions that he did. His subjects, confronted with one of their own, reverted to default settings and gave him vague answers, such as “between 100 and 150 thousand” and “over 200 thousand”.

Somehow, it inspires the feeling that Nigerians are more reluctant to discuss their finances with people they share a sort of common ground with.

Regardless of who asked, most subjects agreed that their earnings were barely enough to meet their needs, especially where they earn fixed salaries.


Kai then asked, how do you plan to raise your earnings?

Almost everyone chose the entrepreneurial route, saying that their best chance of financial freedom lay in starting their own business.

After hours on the streets of Ikeja, Kai dropped the mic as a newly-crowned Vox Pop veteran.

Visibly excited, he also left with a new dose of insight on how Nigerians view their earnings and their needs.

Definitely not bad for a journalist who has spent the better part of 30 years telling important stories.

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