Rapist On The Loose: Nigerian lady calls out man who sexually assaulted her

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Eurel Nwafor is looking for justice after Tony Ekwerekwu raped and molested her

A Nigerian lady who was raped and assaulted by a man has called him out after all her attempts to get justice has failed.

A 21-year-old Nigerian lady, Eurel Nwafor, has taken to the social media to call out a man whom she claimed raped her in August and all efforts to get justice has proven abortive because of the man's position in the society.

Nwafor who posted the open accusation on her Instagram page with the handle @Yurells, said the man, Tony Obosi Ekwerekwu, a businessman at the Alaba International Market in Lagos, had, on August 26, 2017, led thugs to storm her office at the market, beat her up, tore her clothes and raped her multiple times.

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Nwafor who said she has tried everything possible to get justice and get the man arrested to no avail said she had no choice but to go on the social media to call out the man with the hope that she will get justice.

She started the post this way:

"What was done to me is inhumane and should not happen to anyone again.'


She then went on to narrate how Ekwerekwu led the thugs to her office and molested her while boasting that he would surely get away with the rape since he has the means to buy off the police.

This is how she narrated the whole episode:

“My name is Nwafor Eurel. On August 26, 2017, I was sexually defiled by a particular man, Mr. Tony Obosi Ekwerekwu who is also a murderer and all efforts to bring this man to justice has proved abortive because the man keeps bribing police officers at all the police stations I took the case to.


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From the DPO at Ojo Division up to Zone 2 Police Division at Obalende, he buys his way out and there is no one to hold him down.

Please help me. This criminal also collected all my properties and has been boasting that there is nothing I can do. Please someone should help me."





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