Remote Control: This pretty ran mad shortly after her NYSC

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This pretty lady ran mad after her NYSC

This pretty young lady is said to have become mentally deranged shortly after completing her National Youth Service Corps scheme and now sleeps on the streets.

This is really a pathetic story as told by a Nigerian philanthropist, Adepeju Olukokun, the founder of Kokun Foundation.

According to Olukokun in a post on his Instagram page, this pretty lady became mentally challenged shortly after observing the mandatory National Youth Service Corps scheme and has since been sleeping on a street behind the former shrine of late Afrobeat creator, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Olukokun who narrated how he was told of the lady's plight, went in search of her and presented her with clothes, food and other personal items while urging the government and other agencies to come to her aid so as to get her psychiatric treatment so she would become useful to the society.

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This is what Olukokun posted:

"I was told about a young lady who is mentally challenged just after she finished her NYSC and she has been sleeping on the street just at the back of Fela's shrine.

I went to visit her today and I started crying; I was asking myself who could have done this to this beautiful lady. I feel so sad and devastated.

I pray that none of you reading this would go mad or any of your relatives, in Jesus name, Amen.

I decided to rush down to Shoprite to buy her new set of clothes from Max; I also got her food from Mr. Biggs, KFC, and soft drinks and I will be checking on her every time. I pray to God to give her healing, Amen."

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Though many believe she could be a victim of drug abuse, others think she could be a victim of some evil manipulations but however one looks at it, she surely needs help and assistance from relevant authorities to get rehabilitation.


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