Savage: Woman caught on video beating daughter with machete [Video]

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This woman is such a savage mother

A Jamaican woman is currently the center of media attraction after she was caught on video using a machete to beat her own daughter.

A half-naked woman has been caught on video using a machete to mercilessly beating a young girl said to be her daughter in St. Thomas town in Jamaica.

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In the disturbing video that has been making the rounds on the social media, the plump woman dressed only in underpants is seen thrashing the girl with the machete with neighours in what look like a shanty, looking on helplessly without trying to rescue the girl.

Jamaica News reports that the woman who is said to be the real mother of the girl was irked following an undisclosed offence the girl committed and took out her anger on the girl in such a cruel way, even lashing out at a dog which tried to intervene.

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The video has generated lots of negative comments for the woman with some human rights activists calling for her arrest and prosecution while the girl should be taken away from her wicked mother.

Watch the video here:

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