Sense Of Entitlement: Why most millennials need to drop their arrogance

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Most millennials feel the world owes them

Millennials should realize the world does not owe them anything.

Why do you feel entitled?

Having a sense of entitlement means when a person believes he should have access to certain privileges. This behaviour is usually followed by arrogance.

The millennial age group has been tagged as having a huge sense of entitlement and being narcissistic. The truth is that this a correct description.


The people in this age bracket thinks the world owes it a lot just for being alive. A millennial comes out of university and expects to land his or her dream job the very first day out of school.

Sorry, bro, the world doesn’t work like that. No one is going to give you a dream job without you putting in years of service and hard work.

The millennial generation is the generation that a lot has been given to and you would think that these opportunities would have been used for self-improvement. Millennials want things served on a plate instead of getting it themselves.

The world is not all sunshine and rainbows. Not everything will go according to plan. Instead of complaining about it, you have to keep on working towards your goal.


The instant access of this era has deceived many to dump the benefits of hard work for quick gratification. We want the whole world but don’t want to work for it.

No one owes you anything in this life. It will be hard and it will be unfair and there is nothing wrong about that. It’s life.

Reddit forums and motivational Twitter accounts have pushed the ‘you are special’ narrative so much that many believe they shouldn't have everyday problems.

This a huge sense of entitlement. Life does not care if you are woke or not, it will hit you with curve balls and you better get ready for them.

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