Serial Wife: Benue woman confesses to marrying 18 husbands in 6 years

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A polyandrous women in Benue

A 25-year-old woman has confessed in a church how she got married to 18 husband within six years and how each marriage crumbled

A 25-year-old woman, Martha Korchioga, shocked worshippers during a healing mass and monthly prayer at the Solution Center, St. Luke’s African Church at Gyenwase in Ukum Local Government Area of Benue State when she confessed to having married 18 husbands in six years.

Korchioga, who is also from the local government area, made the shocking confession while undergoing spiritual deliverance during the service, Daily Post reports.

She reportedly confessed that any man who met her would request for her hand in marriage but the marriage would not last long, with some lasting only weeks.

Once a man sees me, he will ask for my hand in marriage and sometimes two or three months into the marriage, the love will vanish and the husband will send me packing.

Within six years, I got married to 18 husbands and none was able to accommodate me up to four months. In fact, some of them hated me to the level of beating me to comma and some attempted to kill me,” Korchioga narrated in tears.

The pastor in charge of the church, Prophet Memnen Ukum who conducted the deliverance for the troubled woman, revealed to her that when she lived with her aunt in Lagos, she stole a certain red powder and that the powder has been responsible for her problem.

Prophet Memnen told Korchioga that for her problem to be solved, she must return the powder to the owner or to him for destruction as it had serious spiritual connotations.

Confirming that she actually stole the powder, the woman confessed to stealing a powder from the said aunt of hers though she she did so out of ignorance.“When I returned home with the powder, my aunt followed me to my village to collect it but I denied and she had to go back, but unfortunately, she had an accident on her way and died," she said.

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