Sexual Assault: This man's story of how 2 women molested him will shock you

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This story is too strange to be true

A man narrates how he was molested by two women in public.

This is surely one for the history books.

Today, Friday, October 6, 2017, a man on Twitter claimed he was sexually harassed by two women.

The man who goes by the handle @soji007 narrated the freaky incident via a Twitter thread.

"Omggggg I was just sexually assaulted and harassed this morning, just now 5:46 am by some women in a Keke NAPEP" he tweeted. He then goes on to narrate the sexual harassment he got from two women.

"I got into the NAPEP. Two women in their 40's entered from both sides I sat in the middle. They were speaking Yoruba.  I wasn't bothered, next thing ..the one on my left started touching my thighs. I moved my leg and gave her a straight face" claims @soji007


The other lady started touching him too in a sexual manner. "The other one did the same touched my thighs and started moving closer to my d*ck.  I told the driver to stop I wanna dropped he refused and kept moving fast, now I was scared I won't lie.  I was Half dressed ..that means I was wearing a black top, combat trouser and my boot" he wrote.

This mad story does not stop here. It gets crazier as you read more. "I was getting scared as the women kept on touching me all over my body harassing me ..the woman on my left was all about my zipper.  I was shouting and struggling to stop the women..was no hope ..I became aggressive I head boot (sic) the woman on my right on her nose.

"As soon the driver heard her scream..he stopped the Keke and started running I came down with force ..with my trouser pocket torn.


"With annoyance, I pursued the driver I was so pissed and annoyed wanted to just hit him with my boot on his mouth ..he ran and I left him.

"came back to the Keke And the women were gone I still don’t get Maybe it was rape or they were trying to get take me someone and charm me" @soji007 concluded.

This is a bizarre story. Men do get sexually assaulted but not as open as this. It is likely that there is more to the story.

Pulse reached out to @soji007 to get more details concerning the story but he is yet to respond.

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