The Hustle Is Real: Blood Of Jesus now sells for N2K in Akwa Ibom church

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Some men of God now sell the Blood of Jesus to their members

Some men of God have stepped up their games as they now package 'authentic' Blood of Jesus and sell to their congregation.

The length at which churches and men of God go to make money from their members these days is becoming alarming.

In fact, apart from offerings, tithes, seeds, selling of anointing oil, divine handkerchiefs and other levies, some churches have gone to the extent of packaging and selling the 'Blood of Jesus' in plastic bottles to their members.

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The new trend was seen in a church in Akwa Ibom State during a special deliverance programme where the Pastor declared that he has special and authentic Blood of Jesus for sale and that anyone who drank of it will be free from any troubles in life.


According to eyewitnesses, the congregation went into a frenzy as everyone rushed to the pulpit to buy the 'authentic Blood of Jesus' said to have the power to cure every form of ailment.

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However, no one knows where and how the Pastor managed to get the Blood of Jesus and how real it is. Many people believe it is mere Zobo Drink while others think the Pastor had hoodwinked his members into parting with their money in another scam.

But do we know?


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