The More You See... Pastor invokes 'weight reducing spirits' to deliver obese woman [Video]

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Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin believes one can lose weight spiritually

A Nigerian man of God has caused more controversies after a video shows him praying for an overweight woman to lose weight spiritually.

A Warri, Delta State-based man of God, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, the General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, has caused another stir after a video posted on the church's official YouTube channel went viral.

In the video, the controversial man of God and other pastors are seen praying for an overweight woman lying on the floor, invoking the weight reducing spirits to make the woman lose weight.

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In a special deliverance programme tagged 'Lose Weight Spiritually', the video also shows the prayer sessions for other overweight people with the Prophet assuring them that before the end of the programme, they would lose weight because they have been touched by the weight reducing spirits.

However, since the video came online, many Nigerians have been knocking the man of God who, some months ago, ordered single men and women in the church to choose whoever they liked for him to join them in instant marriage.

Trust Cool FM On-Air Personality, Daddy Freeze, to add his two cents in the hullabaloo when he took to his Instagram page to post the following words:

"What a league of morons!!! Only in Nigeria would these world-class cretins pray for what healthy living, gym registration, and dieting can solve.

Although God is very real, religion is nothing but an illusion, created by the oppressed to subdue the harshness of their reality!

To call for the abolition of the illusion necessitates creating conditions that don’t require the illusions. Ever wondered what the correlation between religion and poverty is?

The poorer a nation, the more the requirement for religion to create that illusion that acts as an escape from the reality of the situation of the oppressed.

Why on earth will a clown offer you an apron to protect you from attacks, while they themselves have bulletproof cars and armed bodyguards to protect them from those same attacks?

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Some people thrive from ensuring these illusions are kept alive, thus are at the epicenter of the problem itself.

Remove those making a living off the illusion [Yahoo boy Pastors] and those creating the conditions that require the illusions [corrupt politicians], and our society will heal itself like magic, in no time."

Many others, however, believe that there is nothing God cannot do and can actually make people lose weight spiritually.

Watch the video here:

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