You Know I'm Just Joking by Ayomide Tayo: That married woman you are chasing might have magun

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A couple reportedly stuck by magun

Going after married women might be a thrill until you get hit with magun

Guys, if you think magun isn't real please stop that nonsense. It is real as corrupt Nigerian politicians.

This advice is for all the men out there who find it exciting to sleep with another man's wife. You might think you are a bad, sharp guy but every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner. And when the owner catches you...

Did you hear about the man and woman found dead in a car near the National Institute of Journalism building at Ogba? Let me give you the short version- the man was sleeping with his friend's wife. Both were found dead in the car.


It's an embarrassing way to go but you must be stupid to be sleeping with another man's wife, especially your friend's wife. It's a death sentence.

Nothing has been confirmed but who is going to rule out magun as the cause of death? Magun is a Yoruba charm that punishes pre-marital sex and this looks like a good case of it.

I saw some woke people saying the two alleged lovers died from carbon monoxide and not jazz. You see why I am tired of these woke people. They will see black and white and call it polka dot. Jazz, black magic, juju are real. If you belong to the woke crowd, go and sleep with a Babalawo wife and see if you won't somersault three times before dying.


I know in Lagos these days couples cheat a lot. Husbands have several side chicks, and a lot of wives have an office lover to help cool their raging hormones.

Was it not last week that a Twitter user said she was in the midst of five married women who were open about their extra-marital affairs? Stop deceiving yourself that married women don't cheat. If oga is cheating why won't madam find a small boy to cool her body?


If you are a guy that loves toasting married women, better have an anti-magun charm in your body. If you cannot get this, guy demote yourself and start dating single babes or babes in relationships. Nobody will jazz you because you are dating his babe. You might get beaten though but nobody will kill you.

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Stay off, married women. They could be ticking time bombs.

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