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Super Eagles

After years of staying on the fence, I am once again a fan of the Super Eagles

Over the weekend, the Super Eagles of Nigeria grabbed a ticket to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Thanks to a lone goal from Alex Iwobi, Nigeria defeated the Chipolopolo (what a name) of Zambia. The victory made the Super Eagles of Nigeria the first African team to qualify for the World Cup.


I watched the game (at least the second half) and to be honest I was more excited that Nigeria won than the display of football. I have been hard on the Super Eagles ever since that tragic loss to Angola years ago. Yes I know that was way back and I should have moved on but heartbreaks are hard to get over.

I cried when Argentina defeated Nigeria at USA 94. I was a kid at the time but the love I felt for the team was supreme. Over the years I got tired with the declining standard of football. When we didn't qualify for Germany 2006, I killed my love for the team.


To show you how bad I hated the Super Eagles, I placed my first football bet against the squad. It was at South Africa 2010 and the match was versus South Korea. I placed a bet that South Korea would beat the Super Eagles and we did. Thank you, Yakubu Aiyegbini.

Even when the Super Eagles won the Cup of Nations in 2013, I couldn't be really bothered. I only watched the final of that tournament.

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I won't lie that I am back to being a 100% fan of the Super Eagles but I'm now interested. The football isn't amazing. It is far from the 1994-2000 level which I consider the peak of Nigerian football.

The reason why I am back with team green-white-green is simply because of the love for Nigeria. Granted I am not the most patriotic Nigerian out there but when you see 11 players on the field, singing the national anthem, you will become emotional.

To put things in perspective, I love Nigeria but hate the government. Over the years I was frustrated to see how politics and corruption were killing our football. Maybe it does, who knows but I have gotten over that.


Next year I will support the Super Eagles in faraway Russia. I know we are not going far but who cares. It's Naija all the way- through thick and thing.

One day, Nigerian football will be world class but until that day its undying love for the Super Eagles. If you can't support the team at its worst, then you have no right to support the team at its best.

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