Bobrisky: Ghanaian gay man attacks Nigerian Male-Barbie

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Jay Quameh is feeling threatened by our own Bobrisky

A Ghanaian gay man and stripper has come out to attack the Nigerian Male-Barbie after he finally admitted to being gay.

A popular gay man and stripper in Ghana, Jay Quameh Rooney is feeling threatened by Nigerian bleaching expert and cross-dresser, Idris Okuneye, the one known as Bobrisky.

Rooney who is not happy that Bobrisky has been taking all the shine off him, came out to challenge and slam the Nigerian for trying to overtake him in the prostitution business.

Rooney who referred to Bobrisky as Madam Make-up, adviced him to stick to the cosmetic business and keep away from his prostitution trade.

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In a post on a social media account, Rooney said:

"So Madam Make-Ups Bobrisky, tell me oo. Why are you hurting yourself? Don't force yourself if you know you can't do a hoe's job.

Your profession na make-upping and my profession na Okpo job [Ashawo]; so stop doing my job cos I don't do yours.

Don’t do my ashawo job, just stick to your make-up profession."

Rooney apparently made felt worried few days after Bobrisky came out to declare that he is gay after many years of speculations and constant denials by him.

Reacting to people constantly making insinuations about his sexuality, the Male-Barbie had taken to his Instagram page to put all speculations to a rest by admitting that he is gay.


He had written:

"All these house boys and girls coming to drop comment on page, are you all stupid? Do you think your hate comments can change me? Why are you trying so hard to get my attention?

F**k off my page and go and find something meaningful to do with your lives. Just this morning, I have made up to N750, 000, hustle still continue. You are here wasting your Mb on someone else lifestyle.

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If all your insult bothered me, I should have stopped posting here.

Yes, I am gay; I will go to hell fire, thanks. Please, what next? I’m tired of the same words, I want to hear something new, cheers!"

Rooney is now worried that with the declaration by Bobrisky, his 'job' will be threatened and hence, he had to fire the warning to the Nigerian to 'maintain' his lane.

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