Daddy Freeze: 'Use your private jets to evacuate Nigerians in Libya'- OAP fires at Pastors

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Popular pastor gives Daddy Freeze 24 months to live!

This controversial On Air Personality has called on men of God who own private jets to use them to evacuate Nigerians trapped in Libyan slave camps.

Controversial Cool FM presenter, Ifedayo Olarinde, the one we popularly call Daddy Freeze, has tasked men of God in Nigeria, especially those who own private jets to put their planes into good use by using them to help evacuate Nigerian immigrants trapped in Libyan slave camps.

Daddy Freeze who has been on the warpath with Pastors for collecting tithes and offerings from their members, condemned men of God for maintaining sealed lips on the matter while celebrities are the ones speaking out on the inhumane act being perpetrated on Nigerians in their desperation to flee the country for greener pastures in Europe.

Most of these people who try to reach Europe through the deserts and the Miditarenean Sea end up being sold as slaves with some of them dying in the process, and this, according to Daddy Freeze, is what the Pastors should preach about instead of always concentrating on paying of tithes which they use to enrich themselves.


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In a tweet video he made on Wednesday, November 29, 2017, Daddy Freeze urged the Pastors who own private jets to use such to evacuate the stranded Nigerians.


Captioning his tweet 'Libya Slave Trade: Celebrities Are Coming Out To Speak, Where Are Our Pastors?', Daddy Freeze said:

"A minor attack on tithing and almost every pastor comes out to defend it. A major attack on humanity and up until now, I’m waiting for the first pastor to stand in condemnation, or put their resources together and make that difference.

Could the demeanor of these pastors be attributed to the fact that the refugees don’t have tithe cards?

One GO, they say owns four private jets. Imagine how many of our brothers that could help bring home. If they could use church jets to buy ammunition, why can’t they use them to bring home our brothers?


Or are they implying that the lives of our brothers are worth much less than the guns that will kill them?

Celebrities are coming out to speak and stand up for our brothers. WHERE ARE OUR PASTORS? Are they too busy advertising their next concert, or are they so preoccupied with filling their event centers this Sunday, that they can’t take a few minutes off practicing the speeches that will ginger 10 people to bring out N1 Billion each, to remember the plight of the very brothers Jesus admonished us to keep?

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I thank the federal government for rising to the occasion and bringing home our brothers, some returned tonight, as reported by captain @usoroessien.

It’s a damn shame to us all if the government proves more caring and compassionate than the so-called ‘house of God’.

Let's remember, true Christianity is about love, NOT MONEY!'"


This is not the first time Daddy Freeze has called out men of God in the country especially those he believes are fleecing their members while they and their families live affluent lifestyles. He has, on different occasions, attacked the likes of Pastors David Oyedepo, Enoch Adeboye, Paul Adefarasin, Chris Oyakilhome and Apostle Johnson Suleman.

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