Dami Elebe: OAP speaks on body shaming and how you can block out all the noise

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BEAT FM OAP Dami Elebe is all about that body positive moment

Dami Elebe used a Twitter thread to speak on how she has been able to handle body shaming.

On Sunday, November 26, 2017, BEAT FM on-air-personality Dami Elebe tweeted about her personal experience on body shaming.

"The only reason I am desensitized to body shaming comments about me is because people have said it to damn much. At a point, it hurt but as I am now... It's nothing" she tweeted at the beginning of her Twitter thread.

Dami Elebe's series of tweets wasn't only about her. She encouraged people to talk about how they handled their physical insecurities.


"Help someone overcome an insecurity they get teased about by tweeting about how you overcame yours" she tweeted.

With the hashtag #secured, Dami Elebe took us on a journey how she blocked out the body shamers from making her feel bad about herself and attempts to lose weight.

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"We all have our insecurities. My fat belly annoys me because I love crop tops so much. So until I lose the belly by work or by knife, Imma rock a crop top, however, I can. Case in point my Avi. #Secured" tweeted Dami Elebe who is also the writer of the web series Skinny Girl In Transit.


Before her inspirational thread, Dami Elebe called out a South African lady who body made fun of a recent picture of rapper Cassper Nyovest on the same day.


While social media has taken the cake for bullying lately, many people were body shamed in real life. Secondary school or a stroll through the neighbourhood were hard for some.

Getting teased and made fun of by bullies and mean kids was a daily routine for some which led to emotional wounds carried into adulthood. Then came social media to make things worse. With a tweet or comment, your day could go from okay to bad.

Body shaming words like "lepa" and "orobo" bounced from social gists to social media convos and tossed at people who we felt didn't meet the ideal body shape. Let's not forget how short people have become the butt of jokes on Twitter. That's body shaming even if the jokes make your ribs hurt.

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Dami Elebe has shown that it is possible to snatch the narrative and change it to push a body positive agenda. 

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