Dignity In Labour: Watch this corporate conductor doing his business [Video]

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A typical Lagos Danfo conductor (For illustration purpose only)

This Lagos Danfo bus conductor is not just one of the regular dirty and scruffy ones we find on the streets.

Mention a typical Lagos Danfo conductor and the first thing that comes to mind is dirty, unkempt, smelly and unruly tout who is often reeking of cheap illicit ogogoro, even from early morning.

You think of a rugged, half drunk, croaky-voiced guy hanging loosely on the door of a speeding Danfo bus.

He is often dressed in a dirty pair of short, brown singlet that was once white with a dirty towel around his neck and wearing a pair of bathroom slippers.

However, sometimes you may see one of them hustling in the hot sun with a pair of dirty jeans, sweating profusely.

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Most Lagos bus conductors have one tooth missing as a result of fist fights with either the famed area boys otherwise known as agberos, or an official of the Lagos State Trafficking Management Agency [LASTMA], or even a police officer who refused to pay his fare, claiming to be a staff.

But this corporate bus conductor known only as Idowu or ID is one different breed who has brought panache and dignity to the conducting trade.

Idowu whose bus plies the Ojota/Ikorodu/Mile 12/Ketu/Oshodi/Mile 2 axis is always dressed properly. You will always find him in a well-ironed trouser, sparkling white shirt with a tie to match.

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To complete his outfit, ID always has a face cap to shield him from the sun and most times, he will add a sunshade to his garb, standing out as a corporate conductor.

Anytime you see Idowu calling passengers at the Ojota bus stop, you will know that he is not just one of your run of the mill conductors but one out to make a difference.

Watch a video of Idowu plying his trade here:

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