Domestic Violence: Lady cries out after fiance brutalized her after proposing [Graphic Photos]

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Thelma Dennis has cried out after her fiance brutalized her

A Liberian lady who barely escaped death at the hands of her fiance a week after proposing marriage has cried out in pains.

A Liberian lady, Thelma Dennis, is seriously thanking God after she narrowly escaped death at the hands of her fiance, Transportor Richards, who brutalized her a week after he had proposed marriage to her.

Dennis who posted photos of her bloodied and mangled body on her Facebook page, said Richards descended on her just some days after popping the question in South Korea.

According to her, she wants her story to be a lesson to other women, especially those who have lost their lives through domestic violence.

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Dennis who took to her Facebook account to narrate what happened, wrote:

"I know this is the trending topic out there right now for you guys that are using this moment to gossip and say so much. Spreading videos and picture of my life being taken by someone who has repeatedly abused women for so many years.

I later found out but I would not let this stop me and don't you guys ever think that this will bring me down. Instead, I am here thanking God for my life.

That I even have the opportunity to be part of you guys spreading abuse pictures, so I am posting this in memory of all the women who lost their lives to domestic violence but God spared mine to be a voice for them.

These are my pictures, you don't have to share them because I am sharing it with the world to put an end to domestic violence. No woman should ever live with such a man that would do this to her.

He is responsible for his actions, not me and he would be the one paying for it and he would be brought to justice; so don't waste your time trying to spread rumours or gossip because I am right there with you."


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Realising what he did, the Richards also took to the social media to beg Dennis to forgive him, claiming he did not know what came over him when he brutalized her.

Dennis also posted screenshots of Richard's apology messages to her:








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