Evil Congregation: African witches conclude plans to hold conference in Ghana

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A male wizard in South Africa

A Ghanaian man of God has revealed that witches across Africa will gather in the West African country for a conference that could cause havoc on the continent.

Witches and wizards across Africa will converge in Ghana to hold their national conference ahead of the Christmas season to strategize on how to operate.

This information was divulged by a top man of God in that country, Apostle Anthony Sampson Asamoah, the founder of Apostolic Favour Cathedral in the  Brong Ahafo region of Ghana.

According to Yen.Com.gh, Apostle Asamoah gave the warning during a sermon, warning Ghanaians and indeed African Christians to pray against the gathering of the evil men and women who will only be strategizing on how to cause havoc during the festive period.

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While the giving the revelation, Apostle Asamoah said the witches and wizards are planning a massive conference which has been billed to hold between December 15 to 21, 2017, and have mobilized their members especially those from Nigeria to prepare for serious bloodshed.


Apostle Asamoah was quoted as saying:

"Witches across Africa are supposed to provide 2,000 tankers of blood and saying any country that fails to provide it will have the conference held at his or her country.

So far, the country [Ghana] has provided only 1,000 tankers of blood and if we don’t take care, the meeting will be held at Goaso and Kenyasi."

Recall that in 2015, Nigeria, in Edo State to be precise, hosted witches and wizards from Africa and other parts of the world during their December conference.

The President of the Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria [WITZAN], Dr. Okhue Iboi, had then told Nigerians that over 50,000 witches and wizards had gathered for their annual conference to set a new agenda for the association.

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Now it seems they have chosen Ghana for their meeting which, according to Apostle Asamoah, will only spell doom for the continent if Christians do not pray seriously against their plans.

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