Flop Of The Week: The FG fails to acknowledge the death of 26 Nigeria women

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Most of the graves will be marked by number only, as officials were able to identify just two of girls and women

The government once again blew away a good opportunity to show its citizens that it cares.

The Flop Of The Week has to go to the Nigerian government for failing to send a representative or delegation to the burial of 26 Nigerian girls and young women in Italy.

These ladies had died from drowning on their way to Italy in search of better opportunities.

It was a big L on the government that it was the government of Italy that buried these women with no input from the FG.


This is really baffling because if a Minister can go abroad to watch the fight of Anthony Joshua (who is a British citizen), then the government should also use the same energy to be involved in the burial of these women.


The slow response of the FG to the tragedy was also sad. It seems the powers that be lack a human touch.

There is no twisting this around- the FG deserves the flop of the week.

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