Freeze: The media personality who dares

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The controversial media personality Freeze

Freeze is the bad guy we need to help us ask questions on religion.

Freeze is the man who will not stay down. On Saturday, October 28, 2017, his Instagram account was hacked. His social media pulpit later disappeared.

The timing of this hack came after his banter-heavy back and forth with singer Timi Dakolo on the issue of marriage.

With his platform gone, you would think Freeze would be quiet for a while. No sir. The on-air-personality today, Tuesday, October 31, 2017, claimed that Nigerian pastors were responsible for shutting down his Instagram account.


Instead of pastors to debunk my stance on tithing with the Bible, they are busy hacking accounts. How Christlike #freethesheeple” tweeted the controversial media personality.


Freeze has had a long-running battle with Nigerian pastors and organized religion in the country. He believes that most Pentecostal pastors are manipulating the minds of their followers for their material gain.

The subject of tithing has been the centre of his anti-organized religion crusade. Freeze is of the opinion that these flashy men of God use the tithes of hardworking Nigerians to furnish their lifestyles.

He isn’t particularly mad at them but Nigerians who calls #sheeple for falling for the same religious tricks over and over again. His hashtag #freethesheeple is for Nigerians to stop being deceived by men on the pulpit.


Your blessing is not connected to your tithe, or an offering, or a dangerous seed or a pastoral sacrifice etc… IT IS FREE!” is just one of his many anti-tithe rhetorics. Surely, Freeze has ruffled feathers even though it has given him a large following.

Freeze is a Nigerian who sees the grip religion has on us. The average Nigerian would rather pray for the country to get better than work towards it.

The typical Nigerian would blindly give his savings to his pastor who has a taste for designer suits and flashy cars.

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Religion and tribe are two big problems in Nigeria, and Freeze is squarely challenging one of them. Some of us have asked the same questions Freeze asks. You might see him as a loudmouth and troublemaker but he also dares to ask the hard questions.

Nigerian Christians have given so much to the church but what has the church given back to us? We ask ourselves this question sometimes but Freeze is the only one who dares to post it.

Born Ifedayo Olarinde to a Nigerian father and a Hungarian mother, Freeze claims pettiness runs in his veins due to his mixed heritage.


I am not very good with toning down my emotions, it comes across as rash and people jump on” he admitted in 2016 during an exclusive interview with Pulse.

I love having an opinion about everything” he further said. Freeze will talk about anything from tribalism, the stereotype that Yoruba women are dirty, religion and marriage troubles. He will go there.

In a society that runs on the mantra of “mind your business” Freeze dares to be opinionated. In doing so he expands the conversation on certain untouchable topics.


And it is for this reason we need people like Freeze among us. We can’t be mono-directional and stuck in the box. Someone has to open the curtain and see the grand wizard. You most likely hate Freeze’s guts but he asks the questions you wish you had the nerve to ask.

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