Grace Mugabe: The lavish former 1st lady of Zimbabwe who built a palace for herself

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Grace Mugabe talking to her husband Robert Mugabe at a public function

Grace Mugabe a.k.a Gucci Grace was the power thirsty woman behind Robert Mugabe's reign.

The woman at the heart of the Zimbabwe coup is known as Gucci Grace popularly known as Grace Mugabe.

Just like the wives of many dictators, Grace Mugabe had grown to be a political force who had the ambition to rule Zimbabwe after the demise of her husband Robert Mugabe.

The coup was a result of Mugabe firing his vice-president and replacing him with his wife. This unpopular move led to the military to take over the country.


Grace Mugabe is called Gucci Grace because of her extravagant and lavish lifestyle. In a country with serious economic problems, Grace Mugabe was known for spending large sums of money.

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In 2012, it was claimed that she spent £120,000 in many expensive stories in Europe. When she was confronted with spending so much, she denied it. "The only thing I’ve bought in Harrods is almond nuts because I eat lots of almond nuts. I want to eat healthily… I go out and they say she’s bought clothes with a million pounds" she said in an interview in 2013.


Grace Mugabe also built a huge palace for herself in Zimbabwe. When there was much public outcry over this, she claimed she got the money to build the palace from her salary as a presidential secretary years ago.

Apart from spending lavishly Gucci Grace is known for her infamous temper. The former first lady of Zimbabwe is wanted in South Africa for allegedly assaulting a 20-year-old model for hanging out with her sons.


According to reports, Grace lost her temper, grabbed an extension cord and beat the model.

"I might have a small fist but when it comes to fighting I will put stones inside to enlarge it. Do not doubt my capabilities" she reportedly said a few years ago.

Grace Mugabe married Robert Mugabe in 1992. Prior to their marriage, she was Mugabe's secretary. The two were both married when they started seeing during office hours.


It was said that Mugabe's first wife gave her his blessings because she was terminally ill. As for Grace's husband, he didn't put up much of a fight when his wife left him for the dictator.

Initial reports suggested that  Gucci Grace was in Namibia, Dubai or Malaysia but it has been confirmed that she is still in the country.

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