I Just Got Back: The IJGB season has officially started

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I Just Got Back Kids turning up to J Hus at Nativeland in December 2016

The kids from abroad are back and the Christmas Holiday is about to be turnt.

December is here and this means one thing, it’s the season of I Just Got Back Kids.

Popularly known as IJGB kids, the acronym refers to young Nigerians who study abroad but are back home for the Christmas holidays.

With the continual degradation of Nigeria’s educational system, the elite who represent less than 1% of the country’s population ship their kids abroad to further their education.

For most of these IJGB kids, most of their primary and secondary education is here in Nigeria while their university education is strictly overseas. It is non-negotiable.

Studying abroad is not a sojourn that alienates you from your country of origin. During the Christmas holiday, the I Just Got Back kids storm Murtala Mohammed Airport in their thousands with their Thrasher T-shirts and retro Vans sneakers.


The term itself (I Just Got Back) is a mockery of the UK/US accents of the returnees. At numerous parties and social gatherings (especially on the Island) in December, you can hear the phrase “I just got back, yeah” as many times as the sounds of knockouts on the Mainland.

The return of I Just Got Back kids signifies the beginning of the fun Christmas holiday scene. Clubs on the Island are fuller, there are more turnt house parties, there are sexier chicks on private beaches and more foreign currency thrown around.


IJGB kids also restructure the youth social ladder. As a proper Naija boy, you could have been balling from January to November in your Japanese car. You could have been the don of all the chicks and the life of the party but when IJGB boys are in town, you have to step aside for the men dem who have international exposure.


The same thing goes for chicks too. A Naija slay queen could have been killing the game all year long, 'tension-ing' boys with her thirst traps on IG. When the IJGB babes come back with the British accent and Fenty make-up, power has changed hands at least in December.


Let’s not pretend that IJGB kids don’t make December turnt. You see them at all the raves and concerts dressed like Travis Scott and SZA. They add life and youthful energy to the social scene in December.

We are now in December season and the IJGB kids will be storming Gidi anytime soon. December 2017 is about to be lit.

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