Lagos: City rated the 3rd worst place in the world to drive

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Lagos is one of the worst roads for drivers

Lagos has been rated the third worst city in the world to drive in.

Lagos is the 3rd worst city in the world for drivning.

This is according to a study by German auto parts retailer kfzteile24.

According to the results of the study, the city of Düsseldorf in Germany was ranked as the best city for driving.


The top 10 cities that are best for driving are;

  1. Düsseldorf

  2. Dubai

  3. Zurich

  4. Tokyo

  5. Basel

  6. Singapore

  7. Dortmund

  8. Munich

  9. Calgary

The Indian city of Kolkata was rated as the least desirable city for drivers. Lagos city was ranked the third least desirable city for driving in the world. According to the study, Lagos roads are congested 60% of the time, and the average speed of drivers is 10.70 mph. 

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The top 10 cities that are worst for driving are;

  1. Kolkata

  2. Karachi

  3. Lagos

  4. Ulaanbaatar

  5. Mumbai

  6. Bangalore

  7. Ho Chi Minh City

  8. Bogotá

  9. Mexico City

  10. Instabul

The determining factors in the study were an analysis of local congestion levels, the average cost of parking and fuel, average roadway speeds, air pollution levels, number of traffic injuries, and road quality. Road rage was also added as a factor.

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No African city made the list of most desirable cities for driving. Lagos was the only African city in the top ten of least desirable cities for driving.

"Poor urban planning or a lack of civil education can make driving the most stressful experience of somebody’s day," says  Thomas Kloubert, who is the CMO of kfzteile24.

"Driving in Lagos is so exhausting. I want a driver for Christmas" tweeted Tunji on Twitter. And this is due to poor urban planning.


All these build up to crazy road rage on our roads. "Is it possible to drive in this Lagos without having road rage??"  No. Lagos is notorious for traffic and Mad-Max drivers. Let's not forget to add the okadas and Keke NAPEP drivers. 


There has been a recent drive by the Lagos state government to take okadas off the streets and make the streets safer. One of the initiatives is to get the blue line of the light rail project. The project was scheduled to be ready by December 2016. There is new no date for the project.

Till the rail project is ready, we have to continue screaming like madmen while driving.

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