Money Rituals: Do you believe they exist?

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Do you believe in money rituals?

I’m pretty sure we’ve heard at least one story of someone who allegedly made his money using juju or black magic.

Tales of the newly rich who did something diabolical to get their new found fortune are plenty in society. These stories are not new. During the home video golden era in the 90s, Nollywood movies were filled with storylines and plots that revolved around a character making money through diabolical means.

Millennials might be frowning at organized religion and embracing African spirituality. There has been a renaissance of African spirituality which can be visibly seen in pop culture. French sisters Ibeyi who worship Oya and Beyonce channeling Osun and Yemoja are prime examples.


Behind the glamour of channeling these old spirits, lies the dark arts of making money through diabolical means. This isn't Nollywood, this is real life. People swear on the lives that it happens.


Here are some of them of the popular practices of making blood money;

1) Trading manhood for riches

Believe it or not but it has been whispered that some people who got rich overnight sold their manhood their the devil for fortune. The devil gives the person all the money in the world but in return the man becomes impotent, lacking the ability to sleep with a woman.

2) Killing a loved one

This reported diabolical way of making money can be seen in a lot of Nollywood movies. The concept of this method that the person who wants money at all cost will have to offer a loved one for a sacrifice. The loved one is usually a mother, wife or child. In the movie Sakobi, St. Obi’s character was willing to trade his daughter for money.

3) Join a cult

If you don’t want to kill or trade your manhood in, gist on the street says you can join a cult. There are whispers of cults that bless their members with money and unlimited business connections. You can also see this in many Nollywood movies. In most cases a desperate man is willing to join a cult to live a rich life.

4) Using someone’s ‘good fortune’

This happens mostly in the South-West. It is believed everyone has good fortune, some more than others. In this method, a person’s good fortune is captured for the benefit of another person. It is believed using another person’s good fortune brings a whole lot of money.

5) Human sacrifices 

We have heard horror stories of people who entered danfo buses never to be seen again. It is believed these people end up in shrines and used as human sacrifices for desperate people who want money at all cost.

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