Morning Teaser: '3 months after my marriage, I am full of regrets'

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This crying woman needs help (Illustration)

Stephanie got married to a man she had not met physically but after just three months, her life is in danger. What should she do?

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Stephanie, a 28-year-old woman. I got married to Adu three months ago but I am convinced I made a grave mistake by accepting to marry him.

I can no longer cope with what is going on as I am not safe. I met Adu through a friend who match-made us.

Adu lives in Malaysia and when my friend who is related to him told me her brother is looking for a wife, I did not give it any serious thought.

After my friend kept pestering me, telling me how much Adu loves me after she sent my pictures to him, I decided to give him a chance.

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We started communicating via social media and went from there to talking on the phone. He would call me and spend hours talking, telling me all the good things a woman would love to hear. He sent me his photos and what I saw was one handsome young man.

He told me he was into the importation of cars and electronics into Nigeria and was in the process of building his mansion in Lekki where, according to him, we would live when we got married.

He instructed his brother to take me to the building site and said I should monitor the progress of work. He would send money to me to pay the contractors and engineers, practically putting me in charge.

His brother took me to his hometown to meet with his family and his mother was very happy that her son would finally settle down and become a responsible man.

I had now come to fall in love with Adu even though I had not met him before and was basking in the euphoria of getting married to him.

Early this year, Adu came to Nigeria and we had our introduction and engagement but I noticed one thing about him which got me troubled initially. He was always getting calls at night and would sneak into the sitting room to pick those calls.

When I asked him why he would not pick calls in my presence, Adu would tell me the calls were from his business partners and that I would not understand what they talked about.

After our wedding, I thought Adu would take me with him to his base but he said he would not want me to come to Malaysia as the country was very hostile. He promised to be coming to Nigeria every month and that he had plans to come back finally in a year or two.

But the happy bubble burst for me when I found out that my husband was not only married and had kids with an Asian woman he lived with, he was also into drug trafficking.

I got to know this when some of his friends came to our house and told me they wanted to take some documents that could be incriminating.

I wondered what documents could be incriminating in my house and told them I won't allow them into the house without permission from my husband.

One of them got angry and brought out a gun which he pointed at me and told me to cooperate or they would kill me there and then. They ransacked the house and removed documents I never knew were in the house.

When they were done, they asked me if I had heard from Adu and I told them that he had not called in two weeks and that I could not get him on phone.

That was when they told me that Adu had been arrested in a drug raid and was in prison already pending when he would be charged to court. The same guys told me that I was to be Adu's drug mule and that he was grooming me for that.

I was shocked at what I heard. How could a man do that to a woman he claimed to love and married?

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After the men left, I did some findings and found out that Adu was not only into drugs but a cultist and ritualist.

My life is in danger because those men told me that they would be watching me and that if I reported the matter to the police, they would come after me.


Dear readers, Stephanie is in a serious dilemma and needs our help. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think she should do?

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