Morning Teaser: 'I caught my fiancee with her married lover'

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This man is really sad and needs advice

Caleb and Mary were scheduled to get married sometime last month but a day to the wedding, he caught her with another man in a hotel.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Caleb, a 35-year-old man working in Abuja. My wedding to Mary was to be held in October but it has been put on hold for now because of what she did.

Mary whom I loved and had dated for four years was caught in a hotel by my brother sleeping with her married lover a day to the wedding.

I met Mary when she was posted to Abuja for her youth service scheme and it was love at first sight. In fact, the moment I saw her at a luncheon, I knew she was the woman I had been waiting for.

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She exuded so much poise and panache and stood out of the crowd. I could not wait to talk to her and after chatting her up, we became friends and some months down the line, we began dating.

After her service, she was retained in the office she served but little did I know that she was dating the CEO of the company until almost a year later when she confessed to me that she was dating the man but that she had called off the relationship.

Being that I was so much in love with her, I forgave her but made sure she left the company believing that she will cut off all links with the man.

How was I to know that even after leaving the company, she was still seeing the man secretly? After proposing to her, we went to their hometown and met her family and we had our introduction and a date was fixed for the marriage.

Two days before the date, my family and friends came into to Abuja and all preparation was in top gear when my younger brother who was to be my best man, called that I should come to a hotel in Kubwa and that I should hurry up.

We had planned to have my bachelor's eve later that day and told my brother what he called me for had better be very important or I will be mad at him.

He insisted that I must come immediately. I called on another friend to drive me to the hotel and when we got there, my brother was waiting at the reception and told me to sit down and wait to see why he called me.

I was very angry with him and insisted he must tell me why he called me to come. He then told me he was at the bar with some of his friends when he saw Mary walk in with another man and went inside one of the rooms.

Of course, I did not believe my brother because Mary had earlier called that she would be at the hairdresser. To convince my brother that the person he saw could not be Mary, I tried her number but it was switched off.

My brother swore that the person he saw was Mary and said if we waited long enough and she did not come out, I should never believe him again.

I was seething with rage and decided to wait to prove him wrong. But lo and behold, about 30 minutes later, the truth was laid bare.

I saw my own fiancee whom I was about to walk down the altar the next day, coming out of the room with the man she had told me she was no longer dating. The man had a stupid smile on his face as he held her by the waist.

I was mad with rage and charged at the pair screaming and calling Mary's name. When she saw me, she tried to hide behind the man and the man, seeing the murderous look on my face, quickly slipped away.

If not for my brother and friend, I swear I could have murdered mary there and then. The manager of the hotel managed to lead her away while my brother and friend took me away.

I went straight to the hotel her family stayed and told them the wedding was over. They were shocked and asked why and I told them what I had just seen.

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I then went to my people and also broke the news to them. I left with my friend to his house where I hit the bottle as if I wanted to kill myself.

It is a month now since the incident and Mary, her family, even some of my friends have been begging me to reconsider my stand but I have already made up my mind. She has even threatened to commit suicide if I do not forgive her but for me, it is over between us.


Dear readers, on Morning Teaser today, do you think Caleb should forgive Mary and go ahead with the wedding?

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