Morning Teaser: 'I have lost my husband to an older woman'

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This is one very worried woman (Illustration)

Amber has been married for eight years with two kids but she has now lost her husband to an older woman and a divorcee for that matter.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Amber, a 36-year-old married woman with two children. I have been married to Stephen for eight years now but our marriage is now mired in a serious crisis and I fear if it will be able to weather the storm.

My husband who was once very loving and caring has suddenly become something else after he met an older rich woman who makes supplies in his office.

I got to find out that he is having an affair with the woman from his colleague who informed me about the illicit relationship. The lady has been a close family friend and hinted me of the clandestine relationship between my husband with the woman who is a divorcee.

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At first, I did not believe Nkiru but when she swore that she was telling the truth, I decided to begin monitoring Stephen and soon enough, I found out he was actually dating her and that most of the trips he had been undertaking in recent times were either spent in her house or hotels.

I should have been more discerning when he began coming home late, smelling of different perfumes, taking longer time dressing up and hiding his phones from me. But I did not bother at first but after Nkiru told me about the affair, I started taking notice.

The first sign was when I was washing his clothes and found condoms in them. When I confronted him and showed him the condoms, he got angry and warned me never to go through his pockets.

After I had gathered enough evidence, I decided to trail him one day after he told me he would be leaving for Ibadan on an official business. Lo and behold, I trailed my own husband to the woman's house.

I stormed the house hell-bent on making trouble for her for snatching my husband but I was shocked when my husband opened the door and asked me what I was doing there. He was not even fazed by the fact that I had found him out.

He told me to leave the place immediately or he would beat me up. I stood my ground and said I wanted to see the woman who was making him misbehave.

I heard the woman call from inside and asked who was at the door and my husband answered that she should not mind me. The woman then came to the door and when I saw her, I was shocked that my husband would prefer her to me.

She was not only old but fat and ugly. I wondered what she could have done to Stephen to lose his senses. When I saw that he was bent on beating me, I had to leave but not after insulting the living daylights out of the woman.

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When Stephen came back home three days later, he quietly packed his things and left for the woman's house. I have begged him, threatened the woman on phone and even reported the matter to our families but all my efforts have failed to bring my husband home.


Dear readers, Amber is in a serious dilemma here and want her husband back. On Morning Teaser today, we want you to tell him what to do.

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