Morning Teaser: 'My fiance infected me with HIV and wants to dump me'

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This sad girl needs your advice [Illustration]

Tabitha is between the devil and the deep sea after a man she loved with all her heart infected her with HIV and wants to dump her.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Tabitha, a 28-year-old lady living with the HIV Virus. I was infected by a man I loved with the whole of my heart and hoped to settle down with.

Little did I know that I was dining with the devil when I met Emma. I thought I had met my soul mate, a man who loved me with everything, not knowing that he had come into my life with the mission of wrecking me.

I met Emma when I was in my second year in the university. He was working with an advertising firm as a copywriter. One of my friends was working with the company and I had gone to visit her when I met this hunk of a man.

Emma was the star-boy in the company and from what I was told, he was one of their best hands and brought in so many accounts for the company. He was very popular and apart from being the most handsome man I had ever seen, he also had a way with words.

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The moment he saw me with my friend, he said he was going to marry me. I was taken aback at how straightforward he was but my friend told me that was his way and he never shied away from saying his mind.

He later took us out for lunch and kept complimenting my beauty, saying he had made a promise that once he sees the woman he wanted to get married to, he would propose to her that very day.

I thought he was joking all along but Emma showed me he was very serious and came to visit me during the weekend. He charmed my parents and siblings with his suave ways and within a short while, he was a regular visitor and my mother, in particular, began making plans for the wedding.

On my part, I fell in love with Emma so hard that all I ever thought about was him. He filled my days and nights and I even dreamt about him. The first day we made love, I tried to insist on using a condom but Emma took offence and asked if I did not trust him. I had no option but to allow him to make love to me without any protection.

For the four years we dated, we made love regularly without using a condom for once. I was not even afraid of getting pregnant because I knew we were going to get married.

I did not know Emma was HIV positive and was on retroviral drugs and he did not tell me. He looked very healthy and no one could tell he was carrying the deadly disease.

Early this year, I began to fall sick almost every day. I thought at first that I was pregnant and did pregnancy test which turned out negative. Then I treated malaria and typhoid fever to no avail.

I was becoming pale, emaciated and depreciating. That was when a friend told me to go for an HIV test. I reluctantly did and when the result came out, it was positive. I cried so much when the doctor handed me the result but he consoled me and said it was not the end of life.

He recommended some drugs for me and told me that if I took the drugs regularly and ate healthy foods, I will live my normal life.

There was no one who could have infected me with the disease apart from Emma because since I met him, I had not slept with any other man.

When I got to Emma's place that day, I told him of the test result and that was when he confessed that he too had been diagnosed with the disease and had been living with it. I was mad at him for not telling me and all he could say was that he was sorry.

By this time, our wedding had been fixed for December but after he got to know of my new status, Emma began to avoid me.

Anytime I called him, he would be evasive and one day, he told me he was having second thoughts about the wedding as he did not want to have children who would be born with the HIV virus.

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Then he had the guts to call me one day and say he was no more interested in marrying me. I was so angry and asked why he would dump me after infecting me but he just said he was sorry and cut the phone.

How wicked can a man be? After infecting me with the HIV virus, he now wants to dump me. I have had different thoughts on how to deal with Emma, including killing him and killing myself.

Please, tell me what to do before I do something stupid.


Dear readers, like the Bible says, the heart of man is wicked but in Emma's case, his heart is extremely wicked. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think Tabitha should do?

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