Morning Teaser: 'My wife used my money to rent apartment for her lover'

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This sad old man is really worried

Chief Omenka realized the hard way that his wife of 25 years was cheating on him with a younger man and the consequences is very dire.

"Dear Pulse,

My name is Chief Omenka, a 56-year-old businessman. I am not very conversant with this social media thing but one of my daughters who is a fan of your outfit introduced me to it and said I should write in so people can weigh into my issue.

So I hope I will be able to get useful advice before I do what is in my mind which may not be good because of the way I am feeling right now.

I have been married for 25 years now and in all those years, I have tried to be a good husband to my wife, Nneoma and our five children. Two of them are graduates already and I have made sure that they do not lack anything I can afford.

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I opened a thriving business for my wife, bought cars for her and made sure her family also enjoy from me. I have personally sponsored two of her brothers abroad and they are doing very well in their businesses.

I don't what else a man can do for his family that I have not done but you won't believe that I recently found out that my wife, a 45-year-old woman is actually in a relationship with a younger man.

I found this out some months ago when an old friend and business partner hinted me that my wife had been dating the young man for over a year and had rented and furnished an apartment for him as well as buy him a car.

Imagine how much I suffer to make my money and my wife used it to be a sugar mummy for a man old enough to be her son.

I had to be very sure, so I mandated someone to be following her and when I got the evidence I wanted, I confronted her and initially, she denied and even accused me of lying against her.

But when I presented her with the evidence including the photographs of the two of them together at different functions, she broke down and confessed, begging me never to expose her.

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Our children are all very mad at her and where I come from, it is a great abomination for a married woman to indulge in adultery and if some sacrifices are not carried out, the consequences could be devastating.

Some of the sacrifices include her walking naked in the marketplace to atone the gods of our lands. Though I am a Christian, I know if she does not carry out the sacrifice, she could die or a calamity could even befall me.

How do I go about this issue? Should I hide her shame or expose her to save my own skin? Do I divorce her and allow her to her fate?

Chief Omenka."

Dear readers, after going through Chief Omenka's story on Morning Teaser today, what do you think he should do?

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