Ms Sahhara: Nigerian men beg transgender to for marriage

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Some Nigerian men are madly in love with Miss Sahhara

Despite being born a man before undergoing a surgery to become a woman, many Nigerians would not mind getting married to this transgender.

Despite being born a man before undergoing surgery to become a woman, popular transgender, Miss Sahhara has been inundated with marriage request by lustful Nigerian men who have been begging her to marry them.

Miss Sahhara whose birth name was Clifford Oche before she decided to change her status, posted messages from several men who have been sliding into her social media accounts to ask her to marry them with some posting some lewd things they would do to her.


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A particular man, Musibau Daramola, who seems smitten by her beauty after she posted a photo where she bared her heavy breasts, posted:

"Please, will you marry me?"


Daramola went ahead to plead with the Benue State-born Miss Sahhara, saying she is the kind of woman he would love to spend his life with and promised her heaven and earth.

Other men followed suit by begging for her hand in marriage, with many of them saying they would do anything to get her to be their wives.


Even when she responded that she is already taken, the men would not relent as they continued to bombard her account with marriage proposals.

Not able to take the bombardments again, Miss Sahhara posted the requests from the randy men, warning them to stop asking for her hand in marriage as she not available.

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