Nigerian Wizards, Witches And Prostitutes: Baffling stories that makes you wonder

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Alex Usifo as a Nigerian wizard

Stories about Nigerian wizards and prostitutes make you wonder about the Nigerian society.

There are some stories that make you wonder about the Nigerian society.

One story that is a classic baffling story has to do with the association of witches and wizards in Nigeria.

If you have been observant you would have noticed that a story of the association of witches and wizards comes up every few years.

In 2015, The Witches And Wizards Association of Nigeria (WITZAN) announced that it had endorsed Goodluck Jonathan as its candidate for the 2015 Presidential election.

We just held a meeting of witches in Kogi State where it was revealed to me that Jonathan would win the presidential election. He has the support of all witches to continue in office” said a certain Dr Iboi, the President of the association.


Well, we can see that WITZAN’s pick ended up not winning the race. So much for the effectiveness of their ‘jazz’ better known as dark magic or powers.

In 2016 WITZAN made a cry for help, as the association released a statement for Nigerians to stop persecuting them.

An association of witches and wizards is truly baffling. This isn’t Harry Potter, this is real life. Why is there an association of witches and wizards? What does the association do and where do the members meet?

Another puzzling story that you can only find in Nigeria has to do with the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes. While it makes sense for sex workers to have a body or union, the NANP makes the headlines for funny reasons.


In 2016, members of The NANP promised free sex to members of the Dream Team VI for beating Japan. No one knows if the players in the squad honoured this free pass but stories of Nigerian prostitutes giving freebies are common.

During big football tournaments, the NANP announces free sex to its patrons and footballers after a big victory. The association somehow forgets to release a press statement after its offer has been made.

Did the football players show up at the brothels to get free sex and did clients rush to red-light districts for the offer? Another baffling story that only happens in Nigeria.

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