Prop Of The Week: Toyin Aimakhu comes clean

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Toyin Abraham

Shout out to Toyin Aimakhu for opening up on how she used to be dependent on drugs.

You don’t want to know how the drug culture is in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

There have been strong whispers of so many big time celebs using drugs to deal with the complexities of fame and success.

Not many have come out to speak about it candidly like the talented actress Toyin Aimakhu.


In an interview this week, Aimakhu came clean about her drug use. It was refreshingly candid to hear someone famous in this country discuss about her battle with drug addiction.

In a celeb scene that focuses on glitzy events and the facade of celebrity life, Toyin Aimakhu revealed the other side of the business.


Her honest confession was very relevant as an American promising rapper Lil Peep died from suspected drug overdose.

To thyself be true and Toyin Aimakhu is preaching it now.

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